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How Mercury Influences Your Communication Habits

As you may know, Astrology goes much deeper than just your Star Sign. When it comes to reading the stars, each planet represents a different aspect of your personality, from how you express yourself, to how you react emotionally, from your love language to what drives your passions.

Mercury is the planet of communication, it’s how we speak, write, learn, teach, share information and how we communicate intuitively, through body language and for some signs, even through energy, music or art. It rules all aspects of sharing ideas and expressing ourselves!

Mercury takes on the flavour of whichever sign it resides in so depending upon the location of Mercury in your chart, your communication style and the way in which you learn may be different to other people you know.

You can check your personal astrological chart, including your Mercury placement here. You’ll need your date, time and location of birth, because your astrological chart is a unique map of the sky at the precise moment and place we were born.

Here’s A Low-Down Of How Mercury Behaves In Each Sign


You’ll use direct communication, straight to the point and unafraid to share your opinions of which you have many! You’ll have strong feelings about most things and a passionate, fast paced communication style. When learning you'll want the information quickly or you may loose interest.


For you, Taurus, slow and steady wins the race. Once you’ve committed to learning about a subject you won’t want to give up and will stick at it even when the going gets tough. Taurus rules the throat and People with Mercury in Taurus often have an extraordinary singing voice.


Gemini is the natural born communicator of the zodiac, ruled by Mercury itself! Geminis talk faster than the speed of light and love learning new information quickly. They love a pun, have sharp brains and, where necessary, sharp tongues if you end up at the wrong end of their witty sense of humor!


With Mercury in Cancer you are likely to be naturally gifted when it comes to songwriting, poetry or creative writing. With Cancer being a water sign this placement brings about a sensitive communication style. You’re someone who thinks before they speak and doesn’t enjoy rocking the boat with what they say.


Mercury in Leo makes for a gifted public speaker because people want to hear what you have to say. This placement speaks regally, gives a great motivational talk and should probably have their own podcast. They also make great entertainers and comedians, or performers of any kind.


Mercury in Virgo loves a list. Probably the most organised Mercury placement, the devil is in the detail for you if you have Mercury in this reliable Earth sign. Virgo is ruled by Mercury giving you great communication skills and a great eye for things like copywriting, proofreading and editing.


If your Mercury is in Libra you’re a natural diplomat, skilled in spreading peace and love through your communication. This sign loves making people feel good with what they say, and is often uneasy with confrontation. You love writing, poetry and beautiful words and may even find you have a talent for penning lines yourself.


Scorpios get right to the heart of the matter and when Mercury resides in this sign it makes for someone who loves a deep and meaningful. With this placement you can’t abide small talk. You want to know people’s secrets may find that people naturally open up to you and share them! This placement makes for great therapists - and interrogators!


Mercury in Sagittarius loves learning about other cultures and exotic places. This placement makes for a great teacher, scholar or thought leader. They take wisdom from whatever they learn and are great at passing it on. With this placement, once you commit to learning a subject you’ll dive deep and probably keep exploring it for your entire life.


When Mercury in Capricorn talks, people do what they say! And that’s not just because what they say is usually very sensible, well communicated and logical. People trust a Mercury in Capricorn and their solid advice. This placement makes for great leaders and non-fiction writers.


Mercury in Aquarius loves learning about off the wall subjects and is always ready to share their latest conspiracy theory. This placement makes you less of an emotional communicator than other signs, but you’ll be a great decision maker and someone who is future-thinking and tech-minded.


With Mercury in Pisces you may do most of your communicating without words. Pisces is the most intuitive sign of the zodiac, and Mercury in Pisces is the most intuitive and psychic placement. If sometimes you just sense something without being told - that's your Mercury in Pisces at work!

The most accurate way to get a picture of how your Mercury placement impacts you is to look at it in the context of your whole chart. A 1-1 astrology reading with an astrologer is the best way to do that. To find out more check out Heather’s instagram, website or follow her.

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