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5 Free Self-Care Ingredients To Live Your Best Life

For many of us, we think of self-care as selfish or an indulgence; something we do only when we have the time which often slips by the wayside. It's important to remember that self-care comes in many different formats, physical and mental, and certainly isn't something to hide from.

We want to flip the theory that self-care has to be expensive. Physical self-care can be anything from exercise to dry brushing, where as emotional self-care can be as simple as turning down an invitation to go out, or repetitive affirmations. Artist illustator Phaedra Peer has offered her authentic point of view on why self-care is one of the most important tools you have to live your healthiest and happiest life.

As I’ve got older, I’ve begun to realise more and more that my own happiness is the ultimate act of self-care. In my early 20's I was a people pleaser and a social butterfly, I cared more about what my friends were doing, than what would be beneficial, frequently experiencing FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) if I was not out partying till the early hours with them. Now I regale in JOMO (Joy Of Missing Out,) when I decline an invitation to something that I know will have a negative impact on my mental and psychical health.

Now, I have a sense of fulfilment when I listen to my body and give it what it needs: a healthy diet, regular exercise, enough sleep and the confidence to turn down social events if I know that my health will suffer from overdoing it. However, self-care is also about balance, so for the right occasion I will of course strap on my dancing shoes and party the night away!

Self-care is important to maintain a healthy relationship with yourself as it produces positive feelings and boosts your confidence and self-esteem. Also, self-care is necessary to remind yourself and others that you and your needs are important too. Here are some of my favourite ways to practice self care...

Get Walking

I love a long walk outside, listening to an audio book or podcast. Try to get 10k steps in a day, especially on the days you can’t make it to the gym. Aside from the psychical benefits of this low impact exercise, it's a wonderful way to disconnect from the world, take some time to appreciate the sights and sounds of your nature and get your daily dose of vitamin D.

Do Something Creative

Never underestimate how incredibly cathartic engaging in a creative activity can be. This could be drawing, painting, writing, sewing... Whatever floats your boat. Carving out time to do something creative each week can channel all your stress and angst into a masterpiece.

Increase Your Water Intake

I like to aim for 2 litres of filtered water a day. It helps my digestion, keeps my skin moisturised and stops me from overeating.

Focus On A Good Night Sleep

The quantity and quality of the sleep I get has a huge impact on how I perform the next day. Aim for a consistent 7 and a half hours each night.

Have The Confidence To Say “No” To People

Learning to say no is a hard task. I always felt obligated to say yes when someone asked for my time. However, if you’re already overworked and busy juggling many different errands, saying yes can lead to anxiety and ill health. Once you learn how to politely say no, you’ll feel more empowered, and you’ll have more time for your self-care, which is the most important thing.

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