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Here's Why Your Friendship Could Be Written In The Stars

Our resident astrologer Heather, owner of The Alchemy Co. shares where each sign is most likely to find their best friends.


Aries loves keeping active, so the gym, a sports team, or an exercise class are all ideal places to find friends with shared interests and energy levels. Invite your new friend for a run, and if they can keep up you’ll end up best gym buddies in no time!


Taurus rules our five senses, so any activity which helps you feel in-tune with your sensuality is ideal for Taurean's. You’re most likely to find your new bestie at a cookery class, gardening club, yoga retreat, or whilst spending time in nature.


Social media savvy Gemini is the sign most likely to jump on the new trend for friendship dating apps, chatting to almost everyone they come across! They’re also most likely to platonically slide into the DM's and form lasting connections through social media. But don’t forget to look close to home too Gemini - maybe even next door - as Gemini is also the sign most associated with strong connections to our neighbours.


Cancerians love spending time at home and are most likely to make new friends through family connections or friends-of-friends where there is already an element of familiarity established. When you do venture out Cancer, you might find you’re most comfortable forming friendships at places where you feel safe and cosy, like while sipping a warm hot chocolate at your favourite local coffee shop.


Leo, you love to see and be seen. The ideal place for you to expand your crew is on the dancefloor. Whether it's at the latest party or your favourite club, try complimenting your new bestie on their outfit and you’ll be sharing jokes in no time. You could also try a local theatre group to find others who share your passion for being in the spotlight.


Virgo is the sign whose hobbies are most likely to involve self-development or study. For that reason, look out for your next bestie at a book club, museum, or browsing the shelves of your local library. That way you can be sure you’ll have lots to talk about and a shared love of learning!


With your love of beauty and calmness Libra is most likely to meet friends while getting pampered at the salon, or getting chatting to your new bestie while shopping. Friends who share your love of harmony and balance make ideal companions, as it's important that your BFF is not too fiery, and doesn’t take advantage of your kind nature.


Scorpio is the sign most likely to make friends based on their excellent judgment and honed intuition. If they don’t get the right feeling about someone straight away, they’re not interested in building a friendship. As the most esoteric sign Scorpio is most likely to expand their coven based on spiritual connection, meeting people through a yoga or meditation class, or in a spiritual setting like an astrology or tarot community.


With their love of exploring new horizons, Sagittarius is the sign most likely to make friends whilst traveling, or on holiday. Sagittarius loves diving deep into a subject and learning all about their chosen passion, so they’ll also make great mates with people who share their particular interests, whether they meet on a forum, a local class, or at school or university.


With their drive to succeed, Capricorns often bring their whole selves to the workplace and are the sign most likely to make lasting connections through their careers. Networking events and professional mentorship programmes are also great places for Capricorns to find a companion.


As the sign who rules communities, a club, local group or online community dedicated to one of your niche interests is the prime place for you to meet like-minded mates. And if you have trouble finding a space dedicated to your particular passions, build your own! You are perfectly equipped with the talent for fostering communities and will likely find that others will quickly flock to join you!


Pisceans thrive in artistic environments and places where they are able to explore their freedom-loving mystical selves. A spiritual community, an art class, gallery exhibition, or a festival are all great places for Picesans to make creative chums. Exploring a musical outlet by forming a band, or joining a creative writing class are also great options, as is joining a swimming club. Water-loving Pisces is symbolised by fishes for a reason!

Top tip: Check your Sun sign (also known as your Zodiac sign or Star sign) to find your best companion for a day trip, night on the town and for the best workplace friendships. Read for your Moon sign to find out where you’ll have the closest emotional connection.

To find out more: For the ultimate low down on your compatibility, try an astrological chart reading where all the nuances of your unique astrological placements can be explored. Check out Heather’s instagram, website or follow her.

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