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Chewing your food is such an underrated daily ritual, and could be something you need to improve on. Spending more conscious energy on chewing can open you up to a host of benefits, of which there are plenty!

Improves Digestion

Chewing your food properly can be a great habit to take up if you want to improve your digestion, especially if bloating's a problem for you. Digestion begins in the mouth with an enzyme in the saliva. Chewing increases the surface area of the food in the mouth and allows the enzyme to more efficiently break it down, therefore, slow and thorough chewing is essential for strong digestive health.

There are vital digestive enzymes in your saliva, and when you don't chew your food until liquid, you're skipping an important part of your digestive process. Try chewing each mouthful of food for an average of 30 times, or until it's liquefied. This will help extract extra nutrients from the food, in turn keeping your digestive system running smoothly.

Lack of adequate chewing, can lead to bloating, constipation, and even acid reflux, because the rest of your digestive system is having to work on overtime, you may also experience that dreaded post-meal food coma when you don't take the time to chew.

Mindfulness + Energy

The practice of chewing food at least 30 times literally forces you to slow down and introduces a mindfulness component to the whole process. Your body will become activated, enabling you to live in full power mode and concentrate all your might on your work or play.

Also, chewing can help to develop the brain and increase the amount of blood flow stimulating the brain, therefore increasing awareness, developing the intelligence of children and preventing memory loss in adults.

Help With Weight Loss

Prolonged chewing can result in eating less at meal times, limiting overeating preventing weight gain. Studies have also shown that chewing can mean you are less likely to snack a few hours afterwards too.

Development Of Sense + Taste

Seeing as it can either cost a small fortune to eat out, or take hours of precious time to prepare a delicious meal, why rush the end result? Chewing allows you to feel the shape or texture of food, making you more sensitive to the taste.

Development Of Speech + Jaw

Adequate chewing improves the muscles around the mouth, helping in the development of the jaw, allowing you to pronounce words more articulately, and forming your dream jaw line!

Prevention Of Dental Issues + Disease

Chewing promotes the production of saliva which helps the mouth to function properly. An enzyme called peroxidase in saliva suppresses carcinogens in food, helping to prevent against cancers. So let chewing be a natural mouth wash to remove food debris and bacteria remaining in the mouth, reducing the risk of dental issues and disease.

What Can Help You Chew More?

Try not to eat in a hurry - take time to enjoy the taste.

Avoid drinking whilst you have food in your mouth. When you chew thoroughly, the food will become small and easy to swallow, letting you reap all of the above benefits.

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