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Lifestyle & Wellbeing Must Haves We Are Totally Obsessed With

There's no denying it, we love getting a cheeky insight into other people's beauty bags and routines, and have an inkling that you do too! The world of wellbeing is always changing, and although It's easy to get the gossip about trending products on Instagram, we dug a little deeper and found these unique products you need to get your hands on...

Antibacterial Towel

A new way to think about your towel and how important it is to keep your face and body free from bacteria’s that cause many leading skin concerns.

Bailey Brown Align App

Just a few simple habits can make a big difference when it comes to syncing your workouts with your cycle, and Bailey Brown has come to the rescue with Align Your Cycle. A gentle pilates and wellness platform which allows you to maximise your performance during your follicular cycle through a fusion of pilates based workouts, balanced nutrition and restorative self-care. Connect with your body in new and transformative ways - sign up at the App Store or using the link above.

Detox Water Drops

There are many proposed benefits of consuming chlorophyll, including weight loss, detoxification, cancer prevention, blood-building and oxygenating. It may also increase platelet-related measures in the blood, which could benefit athletic performance by reducing pain and fatigue. In addition, it is also said to help with wound healing, treating acne and skin inflammation and neutralising odours. Moreover, since chlorophyll is a potent antioxidant, it also scavenges free radicals in the body which are responsible for causing oxidative stress and cell damage, so why not just add a few drops to your water on the go.

Superfood Granola

This best-selling granola by Sakara is packed full of functional ingredients, like antioxidant-rich goji berries, adaptogen ashwagandha, and cleansing milk thistle. They’re the perfect way to fuel your day—essential nutrients, energy, and a functional boost.

Sustainable Blooms

These boho chic blooms and grasses are a great alternative to fresh flowers. Although fresh flowers are lovely, this suggestion will last for yonks and requires no maintenance.

Blue Light Glasses

Wearing blue light lenses may help filter out damaging blue light from computer screens and mobile devices. These glasses may help to prevent eye strain, dry eyes, headaches and even better sleep. They also come in an array of styles, colours and are great value for money.

St Palo Santo Burner

Palo Santo incense are designed to attract love, cast out negativity, improve well-being, boost mental clarity for meditation and cleanse your space and/or aura. The smoke also clears emotional and spiritual negativity, the perfect wellbeing and interior design must have.

Wearable Wellness Patches

These unique wearable wellness patches by The Good Patch are a discreet way to manage life's everyday struggles, steadily releasing ingredients over an 8-12 hour period. Just peel, stick and remove when you're done. You're in complete control. Each patch has a complete list of ingredients on their product detail page and all patches are gluten free, dermatologically tested, paraben free, made without latex, cruelty free, and vegan.

Candle Alternative

A wax melter is a safe device that allows for scent distribution throughout a space without the use of a potentially harmful open flame. A unique and safe alternative to burning candles in the general sense.

Air Filter

Using three natural filters, Briiv uses the micro-structures of moss, coconut, and a nano matrix filter to purify air. Reducing toxins, pollution and fine dust in the air we breathe is proven to improve our health, and Briiv are passionate about making peoples lives better whilst doing as little harm to the planet as possible. Made from elephant grass and hemp, Briiv uses less plastic than any other air purifier on the market. They also have a carbon air filter available too.

Contour Cube

Ice your skin on-the-go with the Contour Cube Mini. The revolutionary, travel-friendly Contour Cube has been uniquely designed to contour and sculpt your face, tighten pores, de-puff eye bags and add radiance to your skin, on a daily basis. The easy-to-use, reusable contour tool holds frozen water which once ready, provides an instant wake-me-up and helps to accelerate the absorption of your favourite serums.

Adaptogen Water

With a motto 'not tired, not wired,' Recess might be the answer to your high without the low. Discover a vibrant and surprising flavour mix of real fruit juice and water. This beverage is a healthy choice compared to other sodas and beverages. It's made with all natural ingredients and no added preservatives. Recess is a sparkling water infused with hemp extract & adaptogens to ease the day.

Immune Support

Support your immune system with your daily dose of bee propolis. This all-star ingredient contains antioxidants and other immune-boosting compounds with every spray. Make it a ritual. Carry it with you wherever you go. If you’re traveling, recovering, or feeling increased stress or fatigue, up your consumption to four sprays of propolis no more than five times daily.

Adaptogen Coffee

Discover London Nootropics adaptogenic coffee blends, blended with the highest-quality natural adaptogens to help you flow through your day. From CBD, ginseng and ashwagandha to super shrooms, these little packets of goodness will bring joy to your day one sip at a time.

Cocoa Superfood Honey

Satisfy your sweet tooth with this raw honey and Ecuadorian cacao blend. It’s a clean, nourishing treat that delivers nutrients, antioxidants, and beneficial enzymes.

Indi Supplements

Expect improved digestion, mood and energy as well as better skin, hair and nails with Indi's tasty body enhancer supplements. They offer a number of comprehensive nutritional toolkits which will take your dietary diversity to the next level, setting your body up for each the day, rebalancing hormones, reducing inflammation, boosting immunity, focus and gut performance.

Adaptogen Butter

Frustrated with only finding adaptogens in powder forms, founder Alienor decided that her new kind of nut butter could bring deliciousness, presence, and a little spark to other people like her, one spoon at a time. With only 3 Ingredients, nuts, coconut and ashwagandha, this nut butter is going to be your new pantry go to.

Waterproof Turban

These waterproof turbans by Shhhower Cap are a modern version of the more traditional shower cap. They boast a rubber strip to keep it in place protecting your hair line, have antibacterial properties, it's breathable and machine washable. Both fashion forward and timeless, they have taken a classic shape and given it an incredible update.

Functional Fragrance

Founded around two Danish principles simplicity and creativity The Nue Co. lab is known for using its 20+ years of experience to bring clarity to the all-too-often confusing supplement market. With the innovative Functional Fragrance, the brand is now extending its expertise to the olfactory arena A unisex scent, this is designed to help you reset at times of high stress with its calming blend of green cardamom, iris, palo santo and coriander.

SOS Skin Shield

An invisible shield for your face - because you touch it 16 times per hour! Killing 99.99% of harmful germs, bacteria and viruses in 30 seconds, it also promotes the appearance of younger, healthy looking skin. Suitable for use on acne, eczema prone and problem skin.

Dots For Spots

A no fuss cruelty free, innovative and effective way to target your spots. Hydrocolloid technology creates a moist environment and optimum conditions for your spot to heal, promoting faster healing. Each dot is practically invisible, seamlessly blending with your skin so you can proudly wear them day or night. Wear for 6+ hours, or simply leave overnight. You can tell it’s ready to be removed when the translucent centre has turned opaque white.

Pea Protein

WelleCo's protein powder is not only clean, it's lean, organic, vegan and comes in two tasty flavours, chocolate and vanilla. This pea protein is a great protein source and contains all nine of the essential amino acids. Unlike many other brands, WelleCo's protein powder includes brown rice which is essential to increase the methionine+cysteine amino acids that normally run short in regular pea proteins. It includes the king of anti-inflammatory - turmeric, pre and probiotics to beat bloating, açai, B vitamins and plenty of minerals.

Hydrating Pollution Protection

Like an invisible raincoat for your face. Hyaluronic acid and polymers form a film over skin to keep pollutants out and moisture in. Satisfyingly non-sticky, too.

Lash Protection Eye Mask

A 100% silk contoured sleep mask for eyelash extensions, which If you’ve been on the lookout for the perfect eye mask for eyelash extensions, you’ve just found it. The Slip Lovely Lashes Contour Sleep Mask has been specifically designed with delicate eyelash extensions in mind.

The shape of the contour on the inside of the sleep mask has been designed to sit away from the eyelids and allow additional space for your eyelashes to sit while you get your beauty sleep. Made using the highest-grade long fibre mulberry silk, the Slipsilk™ fabric has been specially commissioned and refined for over ten years to create the ultimate combination of shine, thickness, softness, and durability.

Skindinavia Makeup Remover Spray

When you want to remove your makeup, lift it away effortlessly with this gentle formula, designed to remove the toughest waterproof makeup, liquid lipsticks, highly pigmented eyeshadows, and even eyelash glue without harsh tugging, rubbing, or irritation, while nourishing and protecting the skin from makeup breakouts.

Dior Universal Lip Liner

Dior Contour Universel is a totally transparent lip liner that suits all skin tones and all shades of lipstick. It smoothes and lines lips for a clean, precise lip contour and lasting hold.

UV Protection Gloves

Most nail curing lamps use UV which can cause slow and silent damage. The high energetic light also emits a harmful light called high-energy visible light, which can also lead to skin problems. We recommend using these uv protection gloves with frequent use of nail lamps. They protect UPF 50+ and block 99% UV, and without protective measures you increase the risk of skin damage and ageing.

Gel Nail Polish Remover Clips

Invented by The BBC's The Apprentice winner Tom Pellereau, these durable nail polish remover clips make removing gel, shellac and nail art polish removal at home quick and easy to do. Each clip will hold acetone soaked cotton wool pad securely and comfortably onto each nail with enough pressure to speed up the removal process.

Sarah Chapman Skinesis The Facialift

This innovative device allows you to achieve the results of a professional facial in your own home.

The Sarah Chapman Skinesis Facialift applies a precision massage technique that promotes the flow of nutrients and oxygen to the skin in order to achieve a healthy, rosy glow. With 8 massage heads and 48 nodules that gently reshape and refine the skin, The Facialift drains toxins, relieves tension, reduces puffiness and promotes blood flow to reveal a dramatically more toned and lifted you.

Hormone Bath Soak

The restorative properties of wild yam and shatavari help soothe and bring balance. Soak, and let the simplicity of Ayurveda return you to a state of balance, peace, and wellness. This deeply soothing single-use Ayurvedic bath soak is a luxurious and restorative spa therapy you can enjoy in the comfort of your home, or anywhere you like. With three salts that recreate the ocean’s salinity and the salinity of your own cells, and traditional herbs that nourish and rejuvenate, this ancient hydrotherapy helps you return to our most balanced and optimal state.

24K Gold Ear Seeds

Part acupressure, part reflexology, the practice involves using gentle, prolonged pressure to lessen effects of the plagues of the age – from stress to low spirits and even some aches. Littered with ‘points’ that are linked to specific concerns, your ears are prime real estate (not to mention, ripe for decoration,) so hang up your sceptical hat and embrace the next ‘big thing’ in wellbeing.

Toothpaste Bites

Bite only use glass bottles. Why? Unlike plastic, glass is infinitely recyclable, looks great, and breaks down into sand at the end of its life, not to mention they are refillable.

Dental Floss

Cocofloss have a specially formulated floss which is designed to not only scrub away plaque and leave your mouth feeling fresh, but taste incredible too. They have flavours ranging from S'mores, watermelon, strawberry to the more common peppermint. Cocofloss will make flossing a joy, rather than a chore.


100% organic cotton and biodegradable, these bleach free tampon offer superior leak protection and. Not only are they totally natural, but similar to the Estrid razor, they are delivered straight to your door, no more awkward supermarket purchases.

Ohne not only provide environmentally friendly tampons, they allow you to create your own kits to build your period preferences including applicators and pads, not to mention their range of CBD products.

Reusable Face Cloths & Pad

Reduce wastage of everyday make up bag essentials from cotton pads, to single-use face wipes, and make the switch to washable and reusable ones. By opting to use recyclable pads or organic cotton cloths you can do your bit to save the planet and money in the long run.


Patch has a charcoal and aloe vera range, made from 100% natural bamboo fibres. The patch enriched with charcoal aids the healing of bites and splinters. Whilst the gauze enriched with aloe vera extract helps to soothe blisters, cuts and minor abrasions. PATCH is free from irritating chemicals, allowing for suitable protection and soft support for all sensitive skin types.

Loose Leaf Tea Bags

These organic cotton reusable tea bags are a great replacement for shop bought plastic-filled, commercial tea bags. Most tea bags are not biodegradable and are actually made from plastic. The string is long enough for using this bag with mugs or with a teapot too.

Bamboo Loo Roll

Not to leave the toilet room till the 'bottom'! Each roll of bamboo toilet paper is individually encased in plastic free wrapping. This is a sustainable product with a minimalist approach to enhance your bathroom. They have a buy one, plant one approach. Free from pesticides and fertilisers, scents and dyes.

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