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Hair can be so integral to our personal identity, how we feel and how we choose to express ourselves to the world. Whatever style, colour or cut we have, universally there is truly nothing nicer than the feeling of newly washed locks.

From the fresh fragrance to the squeaky-clean swish, it’s a key confidence booster. However, washing your hair daily can do more harm than good, scrubbing necessary oils away and leaving your hair potentially vulnerable to damage, dryness and possibly increasing the likelihood of a greasier scalp. Not ideal.

So, what do we do if we have greasy hair?

Greasy hair can manifest as a ‘catch 22’ situation, where the impact of over-cleaning can potentially lead to limp, lacklustre locks. By stripping out our natural oils on a daily basis, our strands will be screaming out for more, hence the likelihood of saturated scalps and the lesser desired ‘greasy’ look. If this is you, trying to make wash day a less often occurrence may help to regulate the oil production in your hair, meaning you may find yourself able to style it out for a second day and beyond.

Of course, oil production on the scalp just like the rest of our skin, can be dependent on various other factors too, including hormones, products and even environmental factors such as hard water and pollution. There are some powerful products on the market that can help get rid of unwanted grease from the source, such as scalp scrubs, shower filters and washing your hair less often.

If you have finer strands, the oil our scalp naturally produces may look ‘greasy’ faster, so the temptation to wash every day for that ‘squeaky clean’ feeling may be super strong. But as previously mentioned, by washing too often these essential oils will be replenished with more gusto and may be actually adding to the problem alongside a fear of leaving it a day or two between washes. The good news is, if you give your scalp a break and build up time between washes, your sebum (oil) production will regulate, and you’ll find yourself with silky strands in no time.

Style it out

Some of the most popular hair styling tricks and trends now involve a super chic slicked back look, which is ideal for a second day style. By taking some styling cream and a good comb or brush, you can smooth your locks into a sleek ponytail or bun, which not only looks effortlessly cool but benefits your scalp by giving it a much-needed rest. We love the Boucleme super hold cream as a sleek styler. After a few weeks of extending time between washes, your sebum levels will most likely reduce and you’ll find yourself reaching for the shampoo less and less. Saving money too!

You can also tackle grease from the source. Living in a hard water area may find your hair feel limp and dirty even when it’s freshly washed due to the build-up of minerals and limescale in your shower water. Innovative brand Hello Klean have come up with a super easy shower attachment that filters the water before it hits your head, which works to help your hair products clean more effectively and give your locks and additional lustre. They also offer a scalp cleansing wash and exfoliating brush which works to slough off any product build up, pollution and dead cells, leaving your hair as a fresh, blank canvas for other product and styling. You can also use a good detoxifying shampoo like this fab choice from cult brand Ouai once a week to keep build up at bay.

When it comes to everyday product, it’s also important that you pick shampoos, conditioners and styling serums that suit your hair type. What works wonders on your BFF may leave you with limp strands and heavy hair. Look out for labelling and go for brands and products that tackle greasy, limp and lacklustre hair and only use conditioners and styling products on the ends of your hair, rather than running through your scalp and entire lengths. We love Natura Siberica shampoo and conditioner for natural oil control.

So, you’ve now got your shower filter, your perfect products and your option for a sleek style, but some days there is nothing quite like a spritz of an old faithful, dry shampoo. Far from the days of crusty, chalk-like offerings, some of the new hair refreshers on the market give your hair a brilliant boost with none of the residue. Living proof, Innersense, Amika and Maria Nila are some of our favourites. A top tip is to spray around the front strands, at the sides and at the nape of your neck in a ‘halo’ motion and make sure to leave for at least five minutes (or even overnight) to allow them to affectively absorb excess oil and dirt. Follow with a quick brush through and voila, hair is fresh as wash day with minimal effort.

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