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When it comes to creating your own sustainable wardrobe you can find the most gorgeous brands who produce one of a kind, phenomenal quality, good for the planet, sustainable and ethical pieces. From casual wear, activewear, formal wear and even down to the lingerie you wear under your clothes, there are sustainable options available.

Today we’re talking about lingerie because we all know how it feels when we’re wearing lingerie that makes us feel good, so when it’s good for the planet too, we need to talk about it!

Here are 7 sustainable lingerie brands you and your wardrobe need to know about...

Based in London, Fruity Booty designs the most gorgeous underwear, from lingerie sets to individual bras and pants (even some clothing too.) For the most part they design their pieces using surplus fabrics in order to avoid waste, or they purchase their fabrics from ethical suppliers. All of their designs are gorgeous and made with so much care and attention to detail, so if you want to treat yourself to some of their pieces you’ve got to be quick, because with gorgeous designs and amazing quality, they sell out fast!

This one woman lingerie brand will have you hooked to sustainable lingerie! All pieces from Millie Jane UK are made and designed in London by the owner of the brand, Millie Jane. The lingerie is made from sustainable materials or end of the line fabrics and all of the extra details, like the lace and elastics, are purchased from small UK based businesses.

At Millie Jane UK you can take your pick and buy separate pairs of knickers or you can have some fun and purchase Millie’s ‘Mystery Box’ and get 3 pairs picked by Millie herself, so it’s a complete surprise when the box arrives in the post, and trust us, it’s a very exciting delivery!!

Based in Australia, Hara The Label is a sustainable and ethical clothing brand who produce, package and ship all of their products from Melbourne, Australia (they offer free worldwide shipping so no matter where you live, you can enjoy their gorgeous pieces.) All of HARA’s underwear is made of bamboo fabric that is produced without using any harmful chemicals and their pieces are also dyed naturally, so there’s no harm to the earth or your skin. Allowing you to enjoy their super soft, flattering and planet loving underwear.

Handmade in their UK studio in Brighton, the Luva Huva team, made up of four incredible women, produce beautiful ethical lingerie and loungewear pieces. All of their pieces are made to order and they offer a custom sizing completely free of charge to make sure everyone can enjoy ethical lingerie and loungewear. All of Luva Huva’s products are made from natural and ethical fabrics, as well as vintage and end of the line materials too. Whether you like lace, cotton or mesh lingerie, they have something for you.

Now for all things comfort we have Pantee. Pantee was founded by two sisters who had the aim to make the softest underwear, which they design themselves using surplus t-shirts. Because of this amazing idea their collections are super limited edition, so you’ve got to be quick if you want to get a hold of their pieces. They offer varying styles for both their bras and briefs, so you can take your pick for your favourite style and even mix and match to create the perfect set for you, or purchase the pieces individually.

Created by two sisters from South Africa who are passionate about slow, sustainable fashion, Troo partners with inspiring designers to produce the most beautiful collections! With every Troo designer having their own story and passion behind their products, every piece you purchase from Troo is full of love and detail, and made from sustainable and cut off fabrics, meaning Troo’s lingerie is limited edition and oh so gorgeous!

Founded in Copenhagen in 2010 with a vision to produce sustainable underwear that is desirable, wearable and comfortable, Underprotection now offers sustainable lingerie, loungewear and underwear, all made from recycled, organic and eco friendly fabrics. From colourful lace, to fun prints, tassels and so much more, the options for sustainable lingerie from Underprotection are endless and we know you’ll definitely find lingerie you’ll love!

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