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With added stress from environmental factors, sedentary work days and poor diets our bodies find it harder to rid of toxins daily. When we store toxins and have an imbalanced micro biome we are suspect to a variety of illnesses from poor immunity, irritable bowels and much more. Just as we develop a daily skincare routine, we should develop an everyday detoxing routine.

Here are 5 simple everyday detoxing methods, that encourage your body to rid toxins whilst simultaneously improving your overall health and wellbeing.

Article written by Amanda from Cosmic Sweets

1.Dry Brush

Is not a relatively new tool in our beauty regime, though the extent of how, why and the frequency has become a viral trend on social media platforms. Dry brushing utilise a brush, that stimulates the lymphatic system. This increases and improves circulation, and immune health which is vital for balancing hormones. Starting at your feet, gently brush upwards towards the heart using repetitive motions. This can be used a few times a week or every day before showering.

2. Fibre

Fibre is the dark horse in your pantry. When thinking about body weight we think about the protein, fat and carbs we need. However, we should be ensuring that we get enough fiber into our daily diets. Fibre can fuel the good bacteria in your microbiome, balance unhealthy food cravings, detox the liver and kidneys, and eliminate toxins in your colon. The best part is fiber is in almost everything we eat, from avocados, whole grains, to fruit and potatoes with their skin on, etc. One thing to ensure you’re getting enough fibre is to drink it. Klarskin has a delicious and beautifully pink radiance powder rich in fibre. Filled with psyllium husk, pre and probiotics and inulin that specifically targets your gut.

If you’re on Tik Tok you’ve come across the trend called ‘the internal shower’; Mix 2 tbsp of chia seeds into a glass of water and drunk on an empty stomach, first thing in the morning. Chia seeds are loaded with fibres that bind to toxins, helping to eliminate toxins through healthy bowel movements. Don’t be alarmed if the first week you are running to the washroom, as it means it’s working! These bowel movements are essential for getting rid of everything that was previously stuck and fermenting in your body.

3. Movement

One daily habit everyone can accomplish and add more of is movement. This doesn’t need to be a big workout where you’re left out of breathe, it can simply be a walk. Walking is essential for circulating oxygen to the brain and tissues, which helps remove toxins. If you have a sedentary job, it is crucial to try and move your body; start using a standing desk or going for a short walk every 30-60 minutes, so your body is not building unwanted fluids.

4. Sleep

Sleep is another underrated detoxing practise we take for granted. When we have a proper nights rest we are allowing our digestive system to fast, taking a break to help further digest any stuck food as well as replenish the good bacteria in your gut. Sleeping also helps rid toxins in our brain that build up during waking hours. Lack of sleep can cause your hormones to stress, increasing your cortisol levels and leading to unhealthy food cravings. Try to go to sleep and wake up at the same each day, away from any artificial blue lights.

5. Herbs & Supplements

These can be utilised to ease detoxification. Certain herbs heal the digestive tract giving your body some additional love and support. Cosmic sweets digestea is a subtle tea with lemon verbena, cinnamon and spearmint that instantly soothes your stomach and nourishes your body. JS Health also have a detox and de-bloat supplement, filled with turmeric and fennel seeds that are anti-inflammatory herbs and roots helping you de-bloat from a harsher meal or a stressful day.

The aim is to go slow and be consistent - self love is a daily practice and these small achievements are small, powerful and accomplishable! Seek professional nutritional advice if you’d like to go further and/or talk about any conflicting thoughts you may have. Remember whilst riding of toxins it is also crucial we stay hydrated. Drink plenty of filtered water, journal your transition and help your body gently daily detox.

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