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Astrology's Guide To Finding Motivation: Unlock Your Zodiac's Potential

Our resident astrologer Heather, owner of The Alchemy Co. explains how understanding your astrology can help you better understand yourself. 


As you may know, Astrology goes much deeper than just your Star Sign. When it comes to reading the stars, each planet represents a different aspect of your personality, from how you express yourself, to how you react emotionally, from your love language to what drives your passions. 


Mars drives our passions and ignites the fire in our belly. It’s what motivates us and riles us up, but it also explains how much our energy fluctuates from day to day and how we can maximise it! 


Mars takes on the flavour of whichever sign it resides in so depending upon the location of Mars in your chart, your passions, motivations and energy levels may be different to other people you know.


You can check your personal astrological chart, including your Mars placement here. You'll need your date, time, and location of birth, because your astrological chart is a unique map of the sky at the precise moment and place we were born.


Here’s a low down of how Mars behaves in each sign: 



You thrive in competitive situations so turning any task into a race, even if you’re only competing against yourself, is a sure fire way to stay motivated. Mars is at home in Aries so this placement has more energy than any other. Any kind of exercise or movement, especially something fast paced like running is a great way to burn off extra energy and help you stay focussed.



For you, Taurus, slow and steady wins the race. In general you can rely on a steady stream of energy and once you’ve committed to something you won’t give up. You’ll stick at it even when the going gets tough. Taurus is motivated by having the finer things in life so anything with financial benefit will help you stay motivated, as will rewarding yourself with any kind of treat!



Gemini is the zodiac’s multitasker! Having lots of things to work on simultaneously can help keep you interested, as can being in a fun environment with lots of communication. Geminis learn quickly and need to keep their brain stimulated but there’s a fine line between being productive and becoming overwhelmed by having too many tabs open in their brain, or in their browser! Regular breaks will help you keep focussed and lists will manage any scatterbrained tendencies. 



With Mars in Cancer you are likely to be motivated by helping others. You’re driven to look after everyone around you. Anything where there is an emotional reward - like supporting a charity, supporting a colleague, or helping a grateful friend study will keep your interest. Your energy will probably wax and wane like the Moon and it will be important to go with the flow and grasp artistic inspiration as it hits you.  



Mars in Leo has a seemingly never-ending supply of energy which only the other Fire-sign Mars placements (Aries & Sagittarius) can keep up with! You are motivated by performance and flattery so working, studying or working-out somewhere where others can see you and be impressed by your skill or dedication will help motivate you. Positive affirmations are your friend, and you’re great at adding playfulness to any task - which motivates others too! 


Mars in Virgo loves checking off a list and feeling accomplished. They are motivated by supporting others and helping them stay organised. As an earth sign this placement has a steady flow of energy and excellent focus, the devil is in the detail for you if you have Mars in this reliable placement. Virgo works well with a work or study buddy who they can take the lead from, especially if they're a Leo who will balance Virgo’s hard work with a big dose of fun.



If your Mars is in Libra you’re a natural diplomat, motivated by spreading peace and love. This sign hates confrontation but is occasionally driven to it by their even more overwhelming urge to champion fairness and equality. Mars in Libra will always stand up for what they believe in and will express their passion in a way that is calm, balanced and charming, tempering Mars’ tendency to create war, with Libra’s loving nature. 



Whatever Mars in Scorpio is passionate about it will feel deep and intense. This placement needs no help staying focussed so long as they love whatever they are doing, but as a water sign their energy can fluctuate and be somewhat unreliable. Digging deep into the heart of their task and feeling any kind of emotional connection to it will help them stay driven. This is the most passionate and magnetic Mars placement.



This placement is the most likely to dedicate themself to one single subject they are passionate about, and stick with it for the long haul. They won’t get bored or unmotivated easily,  and have a fierce supply of energy to help drive them. Mars in Sagittarius is driven by passing on knowledge and wisdom so knowing that other people, or even future generations will benefit from their work will help to motivate them.  


Mars in Capricorn has a steady flow of energy reserves to draw upon, and the dedication and focus to achieve most things they set their mind to. They’re passionate about supporting others to achieve their full potential and motivated by sharing in the achievements of people they have helped. Success is important for this placement, whatever that looks like to them and reminding themselves of their ultimate goal will help them stay driven.



Mars in Aquarius is motivated by the future, driven to innovate and reach new frontiers in whatever they are doing. Inserting tech into a task will help keep their interest and they work well either on their own or as part of some kind of community or group, especially if it's a social enterprise or anything with altruistic goals. Local co-working spaces are great for any Mars in Aquarius needing a place to focus.



With Mars in Pisces your energy ebbs and flows like a changeable sea. Learning to surrender to its unpredictability is a key challenge to navigate, but once you learn to grasp inspiration when it strikes, and honor rest when you need it, you have the potential to create beautiful, imaginative and artistic things. This placement is motivated by dreams, sometimes even visions or intuition, and a wish to create a legacy for the future. 

The most accurate way to get a picture of how your Mercury placement impacts you is to look at it in the context of your whole chart. A 1-1 astrology reading with an astrologer is the best way to do that. To find out more check out Heather’s instagram, website or follow her.

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