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Unlocking The Secrets: Love Language Based On Your Zodiac Sign

As you may know, Astrology goes much deeper than just your Star Sign. When it comes to reading the stars, each planet represents a different aspect of your personality, from how you express yourself, to how you react emotionally, from your love language to what drives your passions.

Venus, planet of love is responsible for what attracts us to a partner. It’s how we like to be appreciated and what we appreciate in others. It also gives rise to our most lovable attributes, the traits that others notice and appreciate in us.

Venus takes on the flavour of whichever sign it resides in so depending upon the location of Venus in your chart, your love language and the things you appreciate in a partner may be different to other people you know.

You can check your personal astrological chart, including your Venus placement here. You’ll need your date, time, and location of birth, because your astrological chart is a unique map of the sky at the precise moment and place we were born.

Here’s A Low Down Of How Venus Behaves In Each Sign


You’ll value direct communication from a potential partner and will either love to chase or be chased (or sometimes both!) You have bundles of self-confidence and may need to learn to spend more time focussing on your partner to ensure positive relationships. Healthy competition with a partner brings fun to a relationship for you and your confidence is magnetic!


For you, Venus in Taurus, slow and steady wins the race. True love and long term commitment are important to you and you make a tender and romantic partner. You love to be wined and dined and appreciate the good things in life so will love a thoughtful gift - especially if it's high end! Others are attracted to the way you make them feel safe and secure.


Gemini is the natural born flirt of the zodiac and Venus in Gemini loves a partner who can engage in wordplay, keep up with them intellectually and ensure they are always entertained. Gemini is Venus is most likely to be laughed into bed and others love their conversation skills, quick sense of humour and excellent compliments.


With Venus in Cancer your feelings run deep and may find yourself very protective of yourself when it comes to love. You may build a barrier around yourself and mask parts of your personality in order to avoid heartbreak. Finding someone who meets your sensitivity and feels like home is important to you. People love your kindness, as well as your warm hugs!


Venus in Leo loves a partner they can spoil and show off. A true romantic, they love to whisk their date off their feet and plan extravagant dates. You make fun and playful partners who love to be flattered, complemented, admired, and spoiled with lavish gifts. People appreciate your loyalty, joyful nature and celebrity-esqe presence.


Venus in Virgo has high expectations for a partner and probably a list of non-negotiables when it comes to dating. Security and responsibleness are important to you but you would do well with a partner who is the opposite to you and will bring some playfulness to the relationship. People love your caring nature and great communication skills.


Venus is at home in Libra and this placement feels incomplete without a soulmate. You make a romantic and loving partner but are sometimes guilty of being in love with love more than anything else. Finding a balanced relationship is most important to you and you will actively avoid confrontation in a relationship. People value your beauty, dress sense and kindness.


Venus in Scorpio isn't interested in anything less than a deep soul connection. They won’t partake in small talk on a date and love delving right into what makes their date tick. Getting a handle on any jealousy is important for healthy relationships. This placement is enigmatic and magnetic and people appreciate you for your sensitivity and emotional depths.


You value freedom in relationships and may resist being tied down, possibly decaying commitment until later in life, or even indefinitely. You’re fiercely independent and will get on well with a partner who matches your friendliness, outgoing nature and lust for life. People value your easy going attitude and gregarious nature.


With Venus Capricorn you are reserved and cautious in relationships, only showing affection when you are sure it will be returned, and often only committing when your partner commits first. Demure in public this sign can surprise their mate behind closed doors! You are attracted to success and security and others appreciate these things in you too.


With Venus in Aquarius your ideal soulmate is also your best friend. You value freedom when it comes to your love life and may have relationships that other people perceive as unconventional in some way. People are attracted to your altruism, individuality, eccentric style and a certain aloof aura that you project.


Romantic and sensitive, you need love and affection from others and are an unhappy singleton. Sometimes falling for the idea of someone, then finding yourself disappointed by the reality, you may need to work on separating the fact from fiction when it comes to love. People appreciate you for your kindness, creativity, and mystical aura.

The most accurate way to get a picture of how your Mercury placement impacts you is to look at it in the context of your whole chart. A 1-1 astrology reading with an astrologer is the best way to do that. To find out more check out Heather’s instagram, website or follow her.

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