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5 Ways You Could Be Blocking You’re Manifestations

Manifesting is a hot topic, but could you be blocking yourself from cultivating the life you really want? Whether you’re being intentional about the way you manifest or not, you’re already doing it, so it’s time to learn where you could be going wrong and possibly struggling to create the things you truly want.

Words by YK Daily's resident life coach Amira Mansour @the_communicationexpert

We all manifest differently and whilst there are core principles that are pretty key, don’t be afraid to find your way of doing it and understanding what works for you. For example, I rarely write down my manifestations. However, I’m really big on being able to tap into visualising what it looks like and connecting to what it feels like, so writing it down doesn’t feel like something I need to do, in order to make it a reality, but you may be completely different.

It's important to remember that manifesting doesn’t mean you aren’t going to have challenges or be tested. It actually means the opposite. It’s about being able to let go of the things that no longer match your self-worth. I often hear people and my clients getting to the point where they think manifesting isn’t a thing and that it doesn’t actually work because they aren’t getting the results. The truth is you could be blocking the very thing you want without realising. Every obstacle, barrier, challenge the universe gives you is to help you heal and grow so you can shift your beliefs, reprogram your brain and truly know that you’re worthy of what you want.

Let’s take a look at how you could be blocking your manifestations and how you can unblock to welcome in those blessings…

Block 1: You think you’re not allowed to be negative

Manifesting encompasses more than what you think. But do your thoughts have a part to play when you’re manifesting? Also yes. Firstly, you’re human and therefore having negative thoughts is something that’s going to happen, you can’t get away from this or avoid it because the more you resist it the more these negative thoughts are going to persist. You’re going to have good days and you’re going to have days that feel hard, it’s in these moments that you need to allow yourself to feel these emotions and acknowledge these thoughts, this is part of how you do the inner work and subsequently how you manifest.

Ask yourself how can you acknowledge the negative thought you’re having, label the emotion and process it so you can let it go. But how do your negative thoughts impact your manifesting journey? If you’re consistently thinking negative thoughts then yes over a period of time you’re going to block your manifestations. But let me explain why. Your brain is hardwired to think negatively; it’s how we survive. We have about 60-90,000 thoughts a day and about 80% of them are negative. So we’re not trying to fight this, but what we do want to do is recognise these thoughts and choose a different one that’s more empowering.

It isn’t about disregarding your negative thoughts, you’re allowed to have them; it’s about recognising them and choosing again. Your thoughts are also a signpost to your beliefs and it’s your job to understand what the belief is so you can shift it, this is why recognising your thoughts is important. We manifest from our beliefs at a subconscious level, so when you notice a thought such as ‘Why can’t I ever find a partner who loves me’, ask yourself what’s the belief behind this? Is it that you don’t think you’re lovable, or you’re not smart enough? Or is it something else?

Block 2: You’re not being specific

Sometimes we’re being vague about what we want, and if you don’t know what you want how can you expect the Universe to know? Imagine you’re at a restaurant and you order a pasta dish, but you don’t specify what type of pasta, or sauce, or meat or veg and so you end up with something you didn’t want because you weren’t clear on what you did want. It’s great telling the universe you want an abundance, but an abundance of what? Problems or blessings? With your career or your love life?

Whatever you want, is what you need to describe in as much detail as you can. Is it a new home? Ok let’s get specific. When you open the door what do you see? How many rooms does it have? What colour are the walls and what does the furniture look like? How does it feel to walk into the space? Is it freeing or uplifting? Is it bright and airy or interesting with history? When you can get specific about what you want and how it feels the Universe can co-create with you. If you don’t know what you want spend time to reconnect with yourself and figure this out.

Block 3: You’re fixated on it

The more you obsess over your manifestation happening, questioning where it is and not believing that it’s going to happen, the more you’re blocking it from actually happening. When it comes to manifesting you aren’t in control of how or when it’s going to happen, that my friend is down to divine timing. Think about manifesting as similar to putting in an Amazon order - you just know that it’s going to be delivered, you trust that once you’ve paid the item is going to be sent, without you having to log in and keep checking. The more you fixate on where it is and why it hasn’t happened yet, the more it feeds the narrative that you don’t believe it’s actually yours. Sometimes the Universe has a bigger plan, so let go of when and how you think it’s going to happen, it could be that you need to heal or learn a lesson before it can.

Block 4: You’re not grateful for what you already have

You cannot cultivate more into your life without feeling a sense of gratitude for what you already have. This is one of the most powerful ways to change your energy and there isn’t just one way of incorporating a gratitude practice into your life. Being grateful is different to pretending things are ok when they aren’t. Being grateful doesn’t mean you may not be feeling apprehensive or unsure in one area of your life. You can be grateful and still want more. When you shift your focus onto what you already have you can only cultivate more of this. But when you focus on what’s missing, what you don’t have and why everyone else has what you want, you’re going to block your manifestation and only repel it more.

Block 5: Your fears are taking over

When you start to shift your beliefs but you haven’t quite created enough evidence to support your new belief, your fears and doubts are going to creep in. The difference between whether you allow this to block your manifestations or not is whether you’re going to let them take over. The goal isn’t to eliminate your fears but to master how to move through them so you don’t stop taking action as a result of them.

Name your fears and address them. How true are they? Where is the evidence to back them up? What evidence can you find to counteract this? Which one of these blocks is showing up for you right now? Was it something you realised? Think about how you can release your block and welcome in the blessings you desire! We’re all capable of making our dreams a reality. We just need to know the secret on how.

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