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5 Powerful Ways To EMPOWER WOMEN In All Communities

Empowering women starts with you. However, in order to change the narrative for women, and to see real change it is also a team effort, by collectively showing support to women within your circle, and all around the world. Accepting and embracing individuality, recognising worth and unlimited capabilities, by being non-judgemental and working together to empower one another with kindness and strength.

Gender and racial equality is essential for the achievement of human rights for all. Yet discriminatory laws especially against women persist in every corner of the globe. In all legal traditions many laws continue to institutionalise second class status for women with regards to nationality and citizenship, education, employment rights, marital rights, inheritance and property rights etc. These forms of discrimination against women are incompatible with women’s empowerment.

Hate crimes and discrimination is shown in various ways, and whether it's directed within a workplace, or general day to day life scenario, it MUST STOP. We need to make it our mission to blend together as a positive and powerful team, and to be brave individuals, asking for what you deserve and never being scared to use your voice.

This fear of the foreigner is not exclusive to the Asian American community - other marginalised groups face the same in different forms, and have throughout history - although its violence has been heightened towards Asian Americans due to COVID-19.

Kelly Mi Li, entrepreneur, film producer and cast member of Bling Empire on Netflix, shares her 5 honest ways in which she believes all women, no matter their social status, up bringing and culture can take action and empower each other, shutting down negativity and boosting self-esteem.

Follow Kelly's tips below and future generations of women will thank you, after-all, empowered women go on to empower others.

1. Stand Up

Stand up for women around the world and start conversations about gender equality and women’s rights. The more we speak up and share, the more we raise awareness and help create a safe space for women.

2. Share Your Story

Whether it’s on social media or privately with your loved ones, sharing your story can empower not only yourself but the women around you.

3. Support Others

Support women owned businesses and fight for gender equality in the workplace. Our support gives recognition to these women, pushes for equal pay and more career opportunities for women in the workforce.

4. Connect

Reach out and connect with other fellow females in your household or community. Supporting and letting other females know their importance can help uplift them, generate unity and build a support system.

5. Do Your Best

Be the best version of yourself and role model for other young girls. Change starts within you. The work you do on yourself can help impact the women around you, inspiring them to also grow and be empowered.

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