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Practice These Daily Tasks To Target Your Stress Triggers

Stress is a state or worry or mental tension caused by a difficult situation. A lot of the time, these situations are a result of the way we perceive and believe things in our lives and this manifests into a reality which is not as positive as we would like. These thoughts can be changed and replaced with updated, positive beliefs and we can also learn to develop ways to manage our stress triggers on a daily basis.

Words by @Vicki Bahra It is best to find the root cause of what is triggering your stress, this will help you make moves towards new, positive and empowering thoughts. The changes you make here will ultimately result in the feeling of less stress and a healthier lifestyle. Usually, this is a results of limiting beliefs which have been learned overtime, resulting in a negative thought process.

Stress is generally a result of a negative belief around a particular area, therefore it is a symptom, not a root cause. If left untreated it can lead to a negative downward spiral. The great news is any belief can be changed and re-written to create freedom, positivity and a beautiful future! Whilst you pursue the root cause of your stress, it's advised to track and manage your daily triggers through various methods. Try these methods to address stress triggers:


Through journalling, you draw out how you are feeling and release some of the energy you are carrying inside you. It is a great way to rationalise your thoughts and also try and uncover why it is you are feeling this way so you can eliminate it and replace it with an empowering truth.


Although this isn’t dealing with the cause of the stress, it is a great way to clear your thoughts so you can deal with the issue(s) more calmly. Try and do something you love, starting small and doing it in moderation in a way that is kind to your body, lights you up and energises you.

Realise Nearly Any Issue Can Be Dealt With

This allows you to take control of the issue and be solution-orientated, rather than focussing on the problem. If for any reason the issue is out of your hands, embrace this, focus only on the things you can control. Learn to challenge your beliefs when they arise, in the moment switch your mindset to focus on what it is you want and desire from a place of love. Catch yourself out! It can be tricky at first but persevere here in the aim to be solution focussed.


Meditation calms the mind, allows you to think more rationally and realise in this moment, you are safe and calm. With this, you can focus on the solution or on accepting what is, knowing everything is always working out for you exactly as it should. You are ultimately aways loved and supported – the stress just makes us forget this.

Avoid Unhealthy Habits

If you find yourself reaching for alcohol, excess food, cigarettes or nail biting etc it is probably an indication you are not tracking and managing your stress properly. Learn to deal with stress though healthy, positive ways which will make a difference to the situation, not through unhealthy short-term cravings.

Find Your Tribe

Make sure you have a great support network of family, friends and colleagues who can help you track your stress and see things in a different way. Be open to helpful support which can aid to pulling you out of your ways when stress is starting to rear its head.

Embrace Self-Love

Make sure you are taking time for yourself – doing things you love and enjoy such as pampering yourself, relaxing and having some “me-time”. Get your nails done, treat yourself to a new candle, read a book. Develop a strong, loving relationship with yourself.

Share Your Love With Others

Sharing your love through little gestures like helping someone cross the road, buying a small gift for a friend or checking in with someone offering advice or support. This is a great way to shift the focus away from where you are lacking motivation, and focusing energy on doing good for another individuals who may also need up-lifting.

Be Positive About What You Have

Shifting your focus away from what you are lacking and towards what you have going for you in your life is a great way to start attracting more positivity into your life. We get what we expect and what we focus on, so focussing on the good is a great way to shift your mind away from stress towards positivity and love for yourself and future life.

Set Goals

Have direction through setting realistic, achievable goals that move you towards what it really is that you want in life. Imagine the life you would love, without the problems you are facing and work backwards from the end goal to see what it is you need to do in order to get there.

You and your amazing mind are stronger than you realise and stress can be managed. Getting into a practice of embracing the unknown at the same time as focussing on your goals and shifting your mind towards them on a continuous basis will help you get there. Anything can be unlearned and recreated – at any age and any time. The past never equals your future.

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