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Celebrate Female Empowerment With Our Galentine's Day Must Haves

As if we needed an extra excuse to hang with the girls and eat chocolate, but we have one! Galentine’s Day has gained traction in recent years, with an increasing number of women, both single and in relationships, using the day to acknowledge the strength of their female relationships.

Although we believe the celebration of bonds between women is something that should be recognised all-year round, the official day for Galentine's is the 13th February, the day before Valentines day.

In order to celebrate female empowerment we have collated some fun ideas and gift Inso below.

Pamper Day

Each grab yourself a "cup of ambition," and a comfy set of PJ's, like the ones below made from sustainable material. Then get your pamper on with a super soothing fruity face mask box, or an intensively hydrating lip mask to boost elasticity around the lip area for a subtly plumper pout. To cover all areas why not enhance the eyes with STARSKIN'S gold foil eye masks, or even consider their gold hand and foot treatments? What are you waiting for!

Savoury Or Sweet Charcuterie Board

These boards speak for themselves. They are pretty and tasty, basically the way to any women's heart. The possibilities are endless from savoury to sweet, or both at the same time, the choice is yours.

Create A Sweet Set-Up

Surround yourself in love with a carefully curated environment. Opt for a minimalistic look, or go all out with balloons and even DIY pom-pom lantern masterpieces.

Tarot Cards

Get the guidance you deserve with tarot cards. There are various decks you can purchase, below we have highlighted our two choices for galantine's, click the images to shop.

Welded "Forever" Bracelets

Welding may sound scary but in fact, it’s one of the newest and most lavish trends happening right now. A trained jeweller will secure, with a simple welding method, a beautiful and delicate solid gold chain to perfectly fit your wrist. The bracelet is welded closed and has no clasp. These are perfect for a unique gift to signify “forever” in any relationship or a new and improved BFF bracelet.

Pimp Your Prosecco

Strawberry Prosecco Smash

Have some fun with your Prosecco by giving it a tasty strawberry make over.


A beauty box full of treats will always be well-received. Glossybox will do all the hard work for you, all you need to do is simply choose your subscription and wait for the gushing thank you notes to arrive.

Yogi Evening

These yoga dice offer up thousands of possible combos to challenge yourself, mixing up your regular routine by the roll of the dice.

Gift A Candle

Illuminate the room with a quoted candle by Ryan Porter, or handcrafted female empowerment candle that looks too good to even burn.

Bubble Blowing Bubble Bath

You can't beat a bubble bath. Breathing in the invigorating aroma. Slowly leaning back and sinking into the foam while it crackles around your ears. Giving yourself a bubble beard, giving yourself a bubble wig, giving yourself a bubble bra. We could go on. Now you can even blow bubbles with the inclusive wand, becoming your very own bubble princess!

The Chocoholic

Personalised Nutella Jar

A delicious chocolate spread with their name on, nothing beats it for galentine's.

Mini Nutella & Strawberry Pancake Stacks

Try whipping up these simple yet effective breakfast or dessert bites.

Have A Pizza Night

Galentine's wouldn't be the same without carbs for dinner, so have a pizza party. Buy, or make the dough, have all the toppers to hand and cook away. The magic ingredient... Loud Italian music!

Chill Rosé In Flower Infused Ice Cubes

Rosé all the way, one because it's pink, two because it's rosé... Make your ice buckets instaworthy with DIY rose ice cubes. Step No 1: Simply pour enough water into an ice tray to fill it one-third of the way, then freeze. Step No. 2: Place petals or whole roses on top of the ice. Step No 3: At this point, the petals or flowers will be stuck in the ice and unable to float annoyingly to the top of the cube, so it’s safe to fill the tray the rest of the way with water and freeze for the end result.

Blooms In A Box

Follow this sustainable trend and send your loved ones a box of dried blooms to saviour forever.

Fancy A Chilled One?

Here at YK Daily we have collated a selection of our favourite galantines's day reads you may fancy getting stuck into...

Send Your Love

Rachel and Monica's connection will never fade, create the same with your bestie with this unique card.

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