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Eyelashes... The shutters to our soul. Not only do they enable us to communicate romantic feelings via a flutter here and there, they also protect our eyes from dust, sand, and debris. Apart from acting as a protective barrier to the eyes, they also give an instant lift to eye makeup.

Excessive use of makeup and lash curling can prevent growth, and cause lashes to fall out and become thin over time. If you are trying to maintain or grow longer lashes naturally, there are some home based remedies that may work for you. With over 13 years experience, eyelash expert Edyta Kurowska from breaks down her top 5 tips to lash care.

1. Choose Mascara Wisely

If you use mascara, oil free mascara is the key. It's important to use water based mascara, as it washes off your eyelashes effortlessly. Waterproof mascara is your number one enemy for eyelash care, as it's almost impossible to remove solely with water or a regular face wash. It requires a stronger make up remover which can be harsh for the delicate skin around your eyes, plus, when you forcefully rub your eyes you risk loosing lashes.

2. Supplement

Supplements are a great way to improve the overall condition of your lashes. Biotin is a fantastic choice, and if you combine it with Superior Hair by Victoria health you are winning!

3. Serum

Talika gel is a super serum, not only does it boost eyelash growth and increase natural pigmentation and curl, it's gentle on the eye, plus moisturising and nourishing, unlike most on the market.

4. Oil

Castor oil moisturises your lashes and may reverse lash loss, it also prevents breakage. Castor oil in general is a fantastic natural alternative without breaking the bank! Try Kate Blanc Cosmetics Castor oil from Amazon.

5. Last Extensions

If you are a lash extension addict only use ultra fine, classic lash extensions, avoid volume, Russian layering and long lashes, this will reduce the risk of loosing your natural lashes. In fact, if you have a good technician the condition of your natural lashes should improve, as you will avoid rubbing your lashes every day in order to remove mascara.

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