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Feeling Stuck, Trapped, Moody? You'd Be Wise To Follow These Invaluable Steps For Transformation

In this article we are blessed to have words from legendary Paul Darrol Walsh, a master in his realm who guides individuals to recognise their inner power, allowing them to break away from limits and release their unrealised inner strength, to create and maintain a positive reality. Below are Paul's top 5 steps to transforms your future into you dream physical existence.


In these times of such powerful opportunities for spiritual evolution, simplifying our lives is vital. Why? Besides keeping us from becoming overwhelmed and distressed, simplifying guides us into our hearts. We have filled our lives to date with an enormous amount of consequential clutter from generational conditioning and accumulated fear consciousness. For many, it seems that pressure of life is increasing and they find it difficult to cope, trying to do too much in an effort to meet the increasing demands of life and others. The solution is to simplify. A very quick way to simplify is to do only what deeply resonates with your inner sense - your inner urges - and withdraw your attention and energy from what does not resonate. When you just cannot do it all, you face choices that test your perspectives, your attitudes and yourself, bringing to light ways you have been compromising yourself in your effort to satisfy others. This is a goldmine of healing for you. Also for others in your life who are engaged in this un-self-loving behaviour. Most importantly, this process of discerning what brings you more and more quickly into a sense of what is truly important to you, rather than outside demands. Ultimately, when life keeps on hurting, it's because you're making choices that are against your own truth while also enabling others to avoid their own healing and inner truth. The most spiritually responsible way is to STOP doing what compromises you. That will create more space and time to discern what IS true to you, which is what your heart will make clear. Just stop, relax, listen to your inner sense, and trust - then act on it. This will align you with the consciousness shift that’s upon us all by progressively editing your life down to the one thing that is truly important - your self love.

2.  Create Something, Destroy Nothing

By our pure nature, we are all Creators, not destroyers. We create our own reality, constantly, with or without knowing it. Creation is all-knowing and on your side and you'd be wise to assume it always is. Any effort to destroy what is not resonant or desirable in your life only goes against our true nature to create, dragging you kicking and screaming further from your dreamland of happiness, love, ease, joy, prosperity and fulfilment. Don't try to change nor get rid of anything from your life. That puts your energy into destroying, which will hurt you as it goes against your true nature to Create. Instead, create what you'd love! How? Starve that pesky something of energy by redirecting your attention and energy (thoughts, attitudes, emotions, actions) away from it and into (1) thoughts that are ONLY of what you want to fill your life with, and (2) actions that ONLY bring you closer to your intended creation. This will naturally connect you to the healing issues that have been blocking your remarkable personal transformation. 

3.  Go To Nature

We are, in fact, an intrinsic part of the Nature realm. So we're never truly disconnected from its relationship and support. By deliberately placing ourselves in Nature, supporting Nature and aligning with Nature, we honour and strengthen that connection we already have within though have somehow allowed ourselves to become unconscious of it; unaware. Nature will effortlessly fuel us, feeding and nourishing our natural energy, life and consciousness. Nature already knows us, knows what we need, and just awaits our deliberate reconnection of our awareness. Just 10-15 minutes with feet (or hands or other area of our skin) directly on the earth or sand or in natural water or sea. Think of it as the perfect free sumptuous feast of the most supportive nourishment we can have, in the most rich and effortless flow.

4.  Meditate

Stillness enables us to experience and magnify our receptivity and connectedness to higher realms of consciousness. Learn and practice meditation in whatever form works for you. Meditate at a time that works well for you, for at least 30 minutes, 5 days per week. If you can't seem to find the time to meditate for 30 minutes, then meditate for at least 1 hour every day of the week!!

5.  Consume What Loves You

We all sense deep inside what food and drink helps us and what harms us. When we consume food that loves us (rather than just what we love) our body knows it and feels it and responds to it with love. We start living love as a result, receiving maximum nourishment on levels we had not dreamed of... as well as avoiding hunger! So learn what food loves you and what food harms you. Make discerning choices concerning what you consume so that your physical embodiment - your unique vehicle that conveys your consciousness in the world - is honoured and supported to enable your existence in this material realm to be aligned with your highest version of yourself, which it is and always was, trying to achieve naturally.

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