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CBD Products To Promote Mindfulness On Another Level

Not too long ago this healing herb was seen as somewhat of a terrible taboo, but the calming properties of CBD and its herbal family have blown up the food, drink and beauty worlds, leaving our shelves flooded with THC (the psychoactive element in cannabis) free cannabidiol-based products.

Far from causing you to ‘trip-out’ or get ‘high’ the medicinal magic of this natural ingredient has been said to help with ailments from anxiety to aches and pains. With a myriad of extra benefits from soothing skin to calming nerves, this wonder ingredient is everywhere for a reason.

The remedial properties of this power-player plant have been recognised for light years, but it’s only relatively recently that we have found cannabis in our food, drink and cosmetic cabinets. From skincare to fem-care and even fizzy drinks, we’ve tried some of the best green beautifying and zen-giving goodness out there. We’ve hand-picked some of our favourites in all categories below.

What Is CBD?

CBD simply stands for Cannabidiol and is extracted from the hemp plant, which is a cousin of the marijuana plant. This means that psychoactive component; THC, that is found in marijuana isn’t present in CBD related products, so you get all the calming benefits, with none of the other side effects. It has been celebrated for its relaxation properties, helping people with sleep, anxiety and even just a spot of self-care. As well as this, it has soothing elements that are great for skincare and pain-relief.

A Bite Of Calm

The CBD market in the UK is already worth a whopping £300 million, and it’s expected to reach £1 billion over the next five years. Due to its popularity in helping with anxiety, stress and pain relief, there has been a massive increase in edible items that contain CBD.

From imbibing delicious drinks like the TRIP CBD cans, (which come in a variety of delicious flavours and are like a sparkling soda with a dose of calm), to chowing down on chocolate, like the CBD packed OHNE bliss bar, people are reaching for Cannabidiol more than ever before.

Not only can it be a tasty treat with real relaxation benefits, some products (like the OHNE Bliss Bar) are ideal for soothing PMS symptoms. This feel-good bliss bar includes more than just endorphin boosting cacao, but is packed full of CBD, which goes some way towards balancing hormonal changes, mood swings and cramps.

Another refreshing, easy and tasty way to get some CBD in your life is via a comforting warm beverage like the Hatters Hemp Tea. They are combined with traditional tea leaves such as chamomile or green tea and give your cuppa a hit of soothing relaxation. Sit back, sip and relax!

Best In Beauty

CBD has incredible calming properties when applied topically, helping to soothe skin and aid with anti-inflammatory benefits. So not only does Cannabidiol squash stress, but it helps to nourish keeping skin looking and feeling healthy too.

A great way to introduce CBD into your skincare regime, is with a facial oil. Some of our favourites include the Ohana CBD Daily Defence Serum and Night Repair Face Oil, the Herbivore Emerald Glow Oil and Votary Super Boost Night Drops. These products form a brilliant barrier of moisture, helping to soothe inflamed skin and nourishing at a deep level. Your face will look brighter, hydrated and perfectly plump.

You can also give your skin a balancing boost with a nourishing face mask like the MILK Makeup Cannabis Hydrating Face Mask. You simply twist this solid stick mask, apply all over your face and leave for 5 minutes. Once washed off, you’re left with impossibly hydrated skin, unclogged pores and a firm but smooth finish. It’s a perfect weekly pick-me-up.

If you’re after a golden glow that doesn’t clog pores or smell like a bag of biscuits, the UTAN x Jamie Genevieve CBD Tanning Water is the perfect product. With anti-inflammatory properties, this spritz soothes skin, reducing redness and inflammation whilst giving you a natural-looking tan. You can even spray over makeup for colour that develops throughout the day!

Stress & Pain

One of the biggest benefits of CBD is its stress relieving properties. A few drops under your tongue or a well-timed tablet can make a world of difference to a busy mind. Some of our favourite top-quality tinctures are by Pure Sports, VAAY and TRIP, but we also love Zenbears for their super cute and effective CBD gummies, which are perfect for taking on the go if you don’t want to don a dropper in public.

If your stress levels tend to peak in the evening, settling down to sleep can be incredibly tricky. Using a great Cannabidiol-based product can really work to help your mind and body wind down for the night and improve the quality of your sleep too. We love spritzing ourselves with the Balance Me ‘Beauty Sleep Hyaluronic Mist’ after soaking in a bath using the epic VAAY ‘Lavender CBD Bath Bomb’. You can always pop a few drops of your favourite tincture under your tongue too – play around with your products and find the best bedtime routine for you!

If you’re struggling to sleep because of aches or pains, we love the Pure Sports Muscle Balm for soothing sore sports. The Ohne ‘Yours, hormonally and ‘Holy Cramp’ CBD oils are both great for tackling period pain and helping your body rest up overnight too.

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