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Here's Why You're So Much More Than A Zodiac Sign

Your Zodiac Sign - technically known as your Sun Sign, because it’s decided by where the Sun falls in the sky during the month we were born - is often the first sign people learn about when starting to explore astrology. Often we get used to identifying with our Sun Sign: it's usually pretty easy to work out from our birthdate, and it’s the sign we flick to when reading horoscopes.

Astrologically speaking, this identification with Sun Signs isn’t surprising. The very best attributes of our Sun Sign denote our personality traits when we’re being our ‘best self’. For this very reason our Sun Sign is often a part of ourselves that we want to embrace and identify with, because we see it as our ideal nature: us when we’re living our best lives!

However, its important to note that we don’t have just the one sign; the Sun Sign that we are so familiar with, but there are actually three big signs, the Sun, Moon & Rising sign. These signs make up the majority of our personality and, astrologically, tell us a lot about our life’s journey.

Our resident astrologer Heather Whitt, owner of The Alchemy Co. explains why we shouldn’t pigeon hole ourselves when it comes to our astrological signs.

Rising Signs

Your Rising Sign, also known as your Ascendant, is the sign that was literally ‘ascending’ over the horizon at your time of birth. We can imagine it coming up over the horizon in the same way as the Sun rises. Your zodiac chart is divided up into Twelve Houses and your Rising Sign always rules your First House. In that way, it sets up the alignment of your houses, making it arguably even more important than your Sun Sign!

For instance, if someone else shares the same Sun sign as you they only have their sun in the same sign as you. If they share the same Rising Sign as you then not only do they have their Rising Sign in the same sign as you, but it’s highly likely that a lot of their houses will be ruled by the same signs as yours also.

Over 24 hours, each of the signs resides in that ascending position for approximately 2 hours. It’s for this reason that knowing your birth time and birth location is so important when generating your astrological chart. If you’re even a couple of minutes out then your Rising Sign could fall in a totally different sign and all of your Houses would be skewed.

Astro apps and astrologers will always ask for your birth time and location to get an accurate reading, however, if you don’t know your birth time, don’t worry, all hope isn’t lost. You can get something called a rectification reading when an astrologer will work with you to establish your rising sign. This involves asking you questions about the timings of important events in your life and working backwards to make an informed prediction of your Rising Sign.

Moon Signs

The Sun Sign represents your extraverted self - who you are at work, outside of the home, in the daytime when the sun is out, your Moon Sign represents the other side of the coin. The Moon aligns with the introverted feminine side of you, who you are at home, when resting, with close family and in the evening: when the moon appears! This goes for everyone, whatever their gender.

It can be transformative to learn about your Moon Sign. Our Moon Sign represents our inherent personality, away from the ego of the Sun Sign. It tells us a lot about our compatibility with others and our emotional reactions to different situations!

So, Why This Sun Sign Obsession?

So, if Rising Signs and Moon Signs are also so important - why this obsession with Sun Signs?

When Astrology rose to popularity in the media it was easiest to share horoscopes based on Sun Signs because a birth date was all people needed to check their weekly forecast. No need to check dates and work out where the Moon was when they were born (the Moon moves signs every 2-3 days). And no need to spend time finding out an accurate birth time and drawing up a chart to discover their Rising Sign. All in all, it made sense to publish horoscopes with Sun Signs in mind.

That being said, it's always good to read horoscopes for your Rising Sign too if you know it. Most astrologers write horoscopes with Rising Signs in mind - it's the most accurate way to write them - so reading for your Rising Sign, or both your Rising Sign and Sun Sign is usually most sensible.

Even better than that, a full chart reading, or predictive reading with an astrologer is the most accurate way to understand your chart, yourself, and any upcoming events better. Astrologers agree that that’s the most personal and therefore most accurate form of convening with the stars!

To find out more about readings check out Heather’s website or follow her.

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