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The Undercover Benefits Of Lymphatic Drainage & Modeling Massage

It's time to go with the flow and get in touch with the many benefits both lymphatic drainage and modeling massage have to offer. To start, they are both body massage techniques, which go far beyond aesthetic benefits, providing relaxation and a feeling of well-being, for both mind and body. However, many people get confused between lymphatic drainage and modeling massage, and the two techniques have different results.

In general, both work by unblocking lymph nodes and improving blood circulation, which is perfect for individuals looking to enhance the results of a balanced diet and exercise, in the quest for ridding those unwanted toxins and weight reduction measures. However, the indication and results provided by lymphatic drainage and modeling massage are as follows...

How Lymphatic Drainage Massage Works

The main objective of lymphatic drainage is to accelerate circulation and drain fluids and waste, helping the body to naturally eliminate toxins, improving the immune system and the body's anti-inflammatory action.

The result of lymphatic drainage is a reduction in swelling (caused by fluid retention, thyroid problems or the menstrual cycle,) a decrease in cellulite, an improvement in the appearance of the skin and muscle relaxation.

The technique is performed with relaxing and smooth continuous superficial movements in a single direction, usually in the areas of the ganglia, such as the groin, neck and armpits for example, without pain, injury or bruising.

How Modeling Massage Works

The action of the modeling massage is on the soft tissues of the body, having a main objective to model and shape the curves of the body and help in the reduction of fat. For this, the technique is performed manually also, using intense, repetitive and rapid movements through the pressure of kneading and sliding, in order to reach the less superficial layers of the skin, ultimately emptying fat cells.

The modeling massage provides the reduction of light and moderate cellulite, as well as decreases swelling. This causes the body to present more defined curves, especially for those people who associate the treatment with a regulated diet and regular physical exercises. In addition, modeling massage also activates local metabolism and stimulates neuromuscular responses.

The technique is commonly performed in areas that have greater fat retention, such as the abdomen, buttocks, thighs, hips and arms, also without pain or bruises.

Creatively blending lymphatic drainage & modeling massage, Ana Trida's method improves the body as a whole, a great combination of manual lymphatic drainage technique to stimulate the lymphatic system and eliminate excess liquids, toxins, strengthen the immune system and increase tissue oxygen, improving circulation. Ana recommends this treatment becoming part of your wellness routine. It can be done weekly, depending on fluid retention, bloating, toxicity and discomfort with the result being a healthier and more energised version of yourself.

Here are before and after images from our session with Ana at her Mayfair clinic in London, it's crazy the difference 1 hour can make to your health, both physically and mentally.

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