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5 Self-Care Tips To FIND HAPPINESS & Quit Complaining

Self-care is definitely one of the biggest buzzwords around nowadays and should be on the top of everyone's priority list! The good news is there are multiple ways to take care of yourself, varying for each individual.

The danger is when you neglect your mindset eventually affecting most aspects of your life, this can happen to anyone, however taking steps to prevent this from happening are vital.

If low mindset is affecting your day-to-day life it can feel like you are a long way from feeling well again. The good news is there are lots of positive things you can do to help yourself feel better in no time!

Explore different self-help techniques, which can be narrowed down into the following simple five categories:

1. Physical Self-Care

Modern medicine will continue to evolve, cure and adapt to the bodies problems, but why not adapt and evolve the body before problems begin? Self-care tips can include anything from running a 10k, to drinking enough water. Other physical self-care ideas can be:

● Practising yoga

● Eating a healthy balanced meal

● Cutting back on alcohol

2. Emotional Self-Care

All types of self-care are important, but emotional self-care tends to be the most overlooked. Emotional self-care can be acknowledging your emotions and accepting all of our emotions are valid, even the ones you consider to be "negative".

It can also be not forcing yourself to feel something you don't feel. Like forcing happiness when you are feeling sad. Other ways to take care of your emotions can be:

● Setting boundaries with people in your life

● Journalling and reflecting how you feel

● Talking to a counsellor or a trustworthy open ear

3. Intellectual Self-Care:

This type of care involves stimulation, essentially anything healthy for your brain. Learning a new skill is a form of self-care, along with:

● Taking an online class

● Reading a book

● Completing a puzzle

● Focusing on a business idea

4. Social Self-Care

Dependent on whether you are more introverted or extroverted, i.e. do you get your energy from social stimulation (extrovert,) or solitude (introvert). One way to practice social self-care is by listening to what your body needs. Ask yourself: do I need human interaction or do I need time alone?

● Calling someone to talk

● Staying in when you don’t feel like going out

● Joining a group to make new friends

5. Sensory Self-Care

Nourishing your senses is a form of self-care. When you are feeling low, take the time to surround yourself with your favourite scents, sounds, flavours or images.

● Burn your favourite candles or incense

● Play with a stress ball

● Watch the sunset

● Play a podcast or music playlist

So, if you had given up hope, and your goal was to "just get by," it doesn’t have to be that way. Cultivating much more positivity and happiness in your life is a VERY REAL and close possibility. You just have to put in a little work.

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