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3 Laws Of Attraction To Become Self Aware & Elevate Your Manifestations

Self-awareness is where you can recognise your emotions and feelings as well as your abilities and preferences. You also have an understanding of how your thoughts impact your behaviour and how your behaviour impacts others. In simple terms, you understand how your feelings can create certain behaviours which will then have an impact on those around you, which is crucial for manifestation practices.

The Law Of Attraction itself is always reacting to your thoughts and vibrations. We should, in turn, also know why we react and think the way we do. Consequently, we can then start to control our feelings and tune into different and preferable vibrations. Only after understanding ourselves can we start to maximise our manifestation potential and improve ourselves.

To understand even more why awareness is important, we have listed below the top 3 Laws Of Attraction to achieve and benefits from self-awareness.

The Law Of Universal Influence

Our energy vibrations have a ripple effect on everything around us. Your words and actions affect the people around you, returning to you in the end. Because of this, it is essential to be aware of your thoughts, feelings, and actions so that you can control your energy and use the Laws Of Attraction to your advantage.

The energy of your thoughts has influence, first on those closest to you and then the world at large- through vibration, which is global by virtue of this law. When you exude positive energy, those around you benefit and as they spread it, it eventually expands to reach every human being.

Ghandi urged people ‘be the change they want to see in the world’. This means that you need to take action and continue to take action in the direction of what you want. Your actions are seeds, so plant as many well-intentioned and positive ones as you can. You may plant here and reap results somewhere else entirely. It doesn’t matter – just plant.

It is your personal responsibility what you choose. But if you use the power of your mind and choices based on love, harmony and peace; you influence the caring and loving energy in the universe. Remember life is interconnected and is really one giant life form. It is constantly getting bigger, adapting and developing in complexity. The binding power of all life is: consciousness.

The Law Of Right Action

This law states that how we treat others and the world around us comes back to us similarly. Therefore, consciously choosing to be compassionate, loving, and honorable will directly impact your life by attracting more positive things into it.

This universal law tells us to do the right thing. The right action produces the greatest benefit to others. The voice in your head almost always has ‘I’ at the centre of it. It is therefore hard to see how you can be fair both to yourself, others and the planet. If it is, you will feel an all pervading sense of calmness. If it isn’t, you will have a sense of something is wrong. You have to ask yourself, 'is this choice I am making good for me solely, or me and others’? Your emotions will always tell you whether what you are doing is honouring yourself and others.

The Law Of Delicate Balance

This law of attraction proposes that everything in the Universe works in perfect balance. To attract positive outcomes, we must balance ourselves with the Universe by being at peace with what we have and want to achieve. Desperation is a negative emotion; and when you are desperate to have something, you may be sending out the wrong signals. It may seem like a contradiction to some of the Law Of Attraction, where desiring is beneficial to the attraction of positive energy towards yourself; but these 2 cases are different. You must strike a delicate balance between the dream you hope to come true, and living contentedly in the moment. Do not make your goal the singular object of your desire that you neglect all other aspects of your life. Just know that it will happen in time and that, while waiting, you need not be so despondent.

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