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Purify & Charge Your Body With DIY MOON WATER

Moon water is just what it sounds like: water that has been energetically “charged” by sitting in the light of the moon. With the stress and anxiety that most people face today, reconnecting with the moon in this way can be a beautiful way to slow down.

While no scientific proof of moon water benefits have been published, there is plenty of scientific proof that mindfulness, meditation and intention is an important part of wellness. If you’ve practiced yoga, you’ll know firsthand the power of meditation and setting intentions. Making moon water is a useful tool in setting intentions, manifestation, and creating positive energy.

Ayurveda, one of the oldest healing systems, which means “science of life”, and focuses on living in alignment with nature. It’s no wonder then that seasons, energies, and lunar phases are important in holistic wellness. The origins of moon water go way back to many different cultures around the world. In Ayurveda, bathing in moon water helps one to absorb the prana (or energy) of the moon.

Moon water is a way to purify the energy of the body, mind and soul, it's always used for positive and beneficial purposes which are even said to include calming stress and anxiety.

Here is how to create your very own bottle of lunar water:

1. Find a transparent sterilised glass bottle, similar to a glass milk bottle. Glass allows greater purity, and plastic will contaminate your ritual. The capacity it up to you, but the bigger, the more lunar water you will get.

2. The jar should have a lid. If not, you can also cover it with a cloth tightly fastened by an elastic band or string.

3. Cleanse the bottle for a few seconds with a long lit incense stick, then discard stick.

4. Decide whether you would like to scent your water with rose petals, quartz stones or herbs like lavender, or use all 3. Amounts are at your discretion.

5. Write down your manifestation, or intention of the ritual, then fuse it to your bottle. Using quartz stones will also help with manifestation. Spend five to ten minutes in meditation to reflect on what it is you are wishing to call in.

6. Once you have your bottle prepped, fill the bottle with mineral water, tap water has too many impurities, add your desired choice from step 5 and seal the bottle.

7. Place the glass jar filled with water in a place where the light of the full moon or astronomical phenomenon will hit it. The time to place your jar is at dusk on the same night of the Full Moon. You can leave it until the following night. You can even leave it in total 3 nights for it to absorb as much energy as possible.

8. During the ritual, you must pronounce an intention or a spell, like “Moon, I ask you to influence these waters with your full energy, so that I can reach the serenity I need in my meditations.”

9. Ideally, you should perform your ritual outdoors, however, if you don’t have the opportunity to do the ritual outdoors, place the jar next to a window, where it will get the moonlight. Your goal is to charge that water with all the energy of the full moon.

10. Once your water is charged, you can use it as a good vibes room spray, to water plants, cleanse your crystals, in teas or added to a relaxing lunar bath.

If you feel like brewing your own batch of moon water may be a little time consuming, do as Victoria Beckham does and sip on a bottle of St Leonhards Quellen. The bad news is if you want to get your hands on the moon water drink Beckham herself was seen drinking, you'll have to head to Munich, where it is made!

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