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In-Expensive Halloween Activities For All Ages

Visiting the nearest Instagram-worthy pumpkin patch on a crisp, fall day in search of the perfect specimen for the most creative pumpkin decorating ideas is most definitely at the top of our inexpensive Halloween activities list. And let’s not forget making (and eating!) the best, most delectable Halloween treats.

In addition to these more traditional Halloween activities, we’ve rounded up a list of super fun and creatively satisfying things to try with your family and friends throughout October to get into the Halloween spirit.

Family Dress Up

Make use of old clothes by making them look scary, and hey, if you've had them long enough, they may already look scary before you add the blood and rips!

Ghoulish Make-Up

Scary Hair Do's

Pumpkin Decorating Without Carving

Make Witches Brew

It can get messy, but it's worth it... Or so we say!

Afternoon Scream Tea

A sweet fun afternoon in, or out, full of those scary carbs!

Halloween Knots & Crosses

DIY Candy Wreath

This is too cute. Find out how to create a candy wreath here.

Pumpkin Patch Picking

An Insta must at Halloween.

Pumpkin or Butternut Ring Toss

Pumpkin Golf

Homemade Halloween Bowling

This simple game can entertain for days on end!

Spooky Finger Foods

You can get so creative with all types of food and drink at Halloween, it's just whether or not you fancy eating it after it looks for horrifying!

Cosy Movie Night In

Make A Halloween Garlands

Get Creative With Toilet Paper

Petrifying Popcorn Party Favours


No need to buy decorations when you can easily make them!

Spook Your Neighbours

“Spook” your neighbours by leaving a goodie bag filled with tricks and treats on their doorstep, and encourage them to do the same.

Netflix And Chill

Nothing beats a great movie and chill, even if it's a chill down your spine from the scary movie!

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