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6 Habits Not To Take Into The New Year

Would you like to have a happier New Year? Most people start a fresh year with high hopes that they will have a successful, healthy, productive and happy year, but fall short when it comes to making dreams a reality. Give yourself the best chance to live your desired life by simply swapping out your negative habits for these 6 more positive ones.

1. Unreasonable Goals

If you’ve ever set a goal and wondered if it’s too much, you’re not alone. It happens all the time to a lot of people. It can be hard to tell if you’ve set unrealistic goals or if your goals are just right enough to stretch you to become better.

An unrealistic goal is any ambition that is impractical, or not doable without the correct preparation. When you set unrealistic goals, you get bored or burnt out and you tend to quit early. To recognise unrealistic goals, check that each step of your plan is achievable, one simple way of doing this is by making your goals simpler.

2. Unhealthy Habits

Clearly, bad habits can hold us back from achieving our goals, whether they are health, love of career related. They stifle our progress and get in the way of our hopes and our dreams. Anyone who is intent on achieving anything worthwhile knows that they need to stamp out the bad habits that hold them back.

While eliminating bad habits is a difficult thing to do, if you can find a reason that’s stronger than the habit itself, you can overcome it. It doesn’t happen quickly or painlessly. It happens slowly, over time. But, by eliminating your bad habits, you can easily illuminate a pathway for eventually reaching your goals.

3. Limiting Beliefs

“I’m not ready,” “I don’t have enough experience,” and “I’m not good enough” are examples of self-limiting beliefs. Self-limiting beliefs prevent us from achieving success in our careers and lives. But what are self-limiting beliefs? Simply, they are negative self-perceptions that live in our conscious and subconscious rooted in past experiences, comments by others, values and beliefs of our family and friends, and even messages from the media (or social media). Limit these internal thoughts and convert these into positive manifestations.

4. Excuses

Procrastination and excuses are the silent killer that keeps us from achieving our dreams and living our best lives. It stifles our progress and forces us to retreat into the clutches of comfort and habit. Everyone knows that in order to achieve anything worthwhile, you have to stamp out the easy excuses, like 'I can't workout today, it's too cold,' for example. Take action rather than wait another day or moment to do what should be done now.

5. Fear Of Failure

While some might not think this is a strategy for achieving anything, failure is by far one of the surest pathways to success in any endeavor. And, some of the world’s most famous people have failed many times. The difference between them and the next person is that they didn’t give up.

Learn to welcome failure when it comes knocking on your door. Accept it. Understand it. Learn from it. Then move past it. Leverage your failures as learning experiences so that you can start fresh and do it again. Henry Ford once said, “Failure is simply the opportunity to begin again, this time more intelligently.”

6. Toxic Energies

One of the problems that happens when you are around a person with toxic energy is that you can easily give that person permission to steal your joy, or otherwise impact your own state of mind in a negative way. Make the decision to hold on to yourself and your power and refuse to let the negative person own you.

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