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Manifest Love By Combining These 5 Laws Of Attraction

Apart from a million pounds and perhaps a private yacht, the number one thing people want to manifest is no secret: true love.

However, manifesting isn't exactly the magic, quick-fix it's marketed as, in fact, it isn't without its fair share of work, from the behind the scenes uncovering potential barriers and challenges, to figuring out exactly what you want and taking action. The cool part is, based on manifestation, essentially you get what you think about, so you always have the option to choose better thoughts; ones that serve you.

Our beliefs about the world often dictate our actions below our level of awareness. For example, if you say that you’re looking for a partner but, deep down, you don’t believe you’ll be able to find one, then you will act in ways that subtly support your belief, and you will likely have a difficult time in this goal.

Now that you understand the basics, you may be eager to start working with the Law Of Attraction. Since the practice is unique to each person that uses it, there’s a treasure trove of ways you can give it a whirl. However, here we are looking to seamlessly incorporate these 5 fundamental laws to assist in finding a love partner, or the special relationship you crave.

1. Have Faith

To know how to manifest love is to first and foremost believe that love exists and that it will come to you. Do not, even for a moment, doubt that you are not worthy of love. Based on your past relationships, your experiences and disappointments, you might be tempted to believe otherwise. Ignore such thoughts and set clear intentions.

In fact, it is suggested that you act as if you already have it. No, this is not about wearing a wedding ring or changing your surname without a partner. Or treating a love interest as if you’re already in a relationship with them. This is more about feeling how you would feel if it would have already happened. Have faith it’s coming. You know it. You can feel the anticipation, enthusiasm, and joy. You trust! Your ideal partner, your ideal life, it’s all there. It’s coming! It will come in its time. You’ve gotta trust the process!

2. Embody

The next step is to have a clear idea about what you want. This calls for some self-reflection. The clearer you are, the easier it is to believe and focus. The Law of Attraction doesn’t allow for much doubt. List down the qualities of a good relationship, the type of connection you would like, and the traits of your dream partner. Draw them out. Experts advise that you do your manifestation practice in affirmative sentences, in the non-conditional present tense. This is how:

Instead of: “I want a relationship with an honest man”

Say: “I am in a relationship with an honest man”

Instead of: “My partner will/would/is going to take care of me”

Say: “My partner takes care of me”

Instead of: “I don’t want an argumentative woman in my life”

Say: “It is easy to have a conversation with my partner”

Of course, while you are allowed to let your imagination run wild, keep your list feasible, or something that you can believe in. If the goal you set for yourself seems improbable to you, you will let doubt come into play. Keep it realistic and write it down with a strong belief.

3. Have Vision

Now that you have the belief and clarity about what to look for in a relationship and the kind of love you want to attract, meditate on it. Surround yourself with people who believe in your vision too – those who want you to have this kind of dream love in your life.

Meditation is also an opportunity for visualisation. Visualise you being in love, how it would make you feel. Get into the vibration of being in love. Behave as if you already have found what you are looking for. Indulge in self-love and self-care.

Include daily affirmation in your manifestation practice. You can write down a few statements based on your unique challenges with yourself. A few examples of affirmations to manifest love are:

I love myself

I find love everywhere I go

I am worthy of a healthy, joyous, and loving relationship

I am open to letting love in

Good things are happening. My partner is on his/her way

4. Align

Only dreaming about getting someone to like you is not going to work. You also need to make an effort to make yourself available to let love in. Taking action that aligns with your dreams is imperative. The good news is you don’t need to go the extra mile to manifest love in your life.

Once you know in your heart and soul what you want, you will naturally work towards it and the universe will also present opportunities that align with your goal. All you need to do is recognise the signs. Build yourself up and put yourself out there. Don’t be shy. So yes, you may need to go out on a few dates, be a little more vigorous on the dating app you just downloaded, and give some people a chance. Don’t feel too attached to the outcome of each date, just go with the flow. When it is with the right person, it will work out magically.

5. Gratitude

While you are doing all this, don’t stop living. People often say, “Until I find a partner, my life is not worthy”. That again puts you in a state of resistance and negative alignment. The Law of Attraction and manifestation says that you should not worry about how you will find what you want (in this case, love). That is the universe’s headache. Your task is to make a wish, ask for what you want, put in the work and believe that your desire will come true, then completely let go.

So, focus on being the best version of yourself. Surrender to the will of the universe without attaching to a very precise outcome or being too rigid. Be excited about the possibilities. The universe may surprise you with even better options than what you may have thought of.

Often when people want a new relationship, they either look for someone to complete them or they imagine sharing their life with someone just like them. They may try to present themselves in the best possible light for their imagined future partner, or as an ideal version of what they believe their future partner will want. However, finding your soul mate requires a different, far more soul-enriching approach. Here we delve into a further 7 steps to consider whilst on your journey.

1. Work On The Past

Everyone has their own idea on how to be more attractive, and for many, this involves playing hard to get. But does that strategy actually work, or does it just make it take longer to establish a trusting relationship with a potential partner? Working on processing and accepting previous trust issues from past relationships could actually enhance future connections. Being able to learn and leave the past in the past could bring a pair of fresh trusting eyes into a future long-lasting relationship.

2. Be Kind

Your attitude towards life, being kind and caring to others is an important personality trait people find attractive. These are all thing you control. Don't be disinterested in others, close-minded or self obsessed, these are all negative attributes which can be avoided. Bolster feelings of attraction through positive colour and fashion. Blue and red are especially known for creating a great degree of temptation. For bonus points, try to find something blue or red that’s also soft and silky. Soft textures feel pleasant, are soothing, cozy, cuddly and give a sense of safety.

3. Eliminate Stress

Don't self-savage. The single most common cause of an emotional or physical illness is the result of some form of stress that our mind has experienced. As a result, eliminating as many forms of physiological stress, and refusing to allow any room in your mind for dwelling on the discomfort or worry of negativity can allow your body the room and time to regroup, creating a more positive and welcoming persona, giving yourself a fair chance to attract someone special into your life.

4. Self Confidence

Life has become more and more complex as our society has become more fixated with what we eat and the way that we look, partially to do with social media, unrealistic filters and comparing ourselves to others. Reject these ideas immediately! You and you alone are the master of your mind. Taking charge of your wellness routine, mind and body, ultimately bolstering your self-image can be a giant step to combat confidence issues. Folk wisdom and research suggests that confidence is a highly attractive attribute to potential partners.

5. Financial Responsibility

Having a handle on your financial future is known to be very important when choosing a partner, some even placing it ahead of sense of humour and physical attractiveness. This being said, learning boundaries, having a stable credit score, self discipline and forward thinking can carve yourself a successful love life.

6. Laugh Out Loud

A great sense of humour is also ranked as one of the top attributes a potential match can have, plus laughing actually relaxes you. Without laughter in a relationship it could be a ticking time bomb. You don't have to be a comedian, however lightheartedness is important and without it you could hinder your opportunity to let your hair down and find "the one".

7. Mindful Eating

Emotional eating can be a source of shame and frustration, creating self doubt and a lack of confidence, but there are ways to beat it. The trick is to learn more about your triggers and develop a pattern of mindful eating that replaces the old self-destructive pattern of being an emotional eater. An emotional trigger could be loneliness, creating a vicious circle.

When it comes to weight, the Law of Attraction works in the exact same way that it would within any other part of your life. Due to this, if you are looking to lose weight you should find out more about how to harness the power of attraction in order to help transform your vision of a ‘perfect you or reality'.

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