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Get The A-List Look - Sustainable Edition

When someone asks us where we get our style inspiration from, we probably all have a certain celebrity that comes to mind. They’re the one who’s Instagram page we go to when we don’t know what to wear, whether that be for the day or a special event. But let’s face it, what tends to happen is that we’ll absolutely love what they’re wearing, only to find that it’s too far out of our price range and we can only fantasise about being able to wear that outfit.

However, good news is that with the rise of sustainable fashion and ethical practices, there are a lot of brands out there who design and make unique, high quality pieces that celebrities have been spotted wearing, meaning we can finally shop what our style inspirations wear!

Here are 6 celebrities who have been spotted wearing different UK based sustainable fashion brands.

1. Kaia Gerber Wearing Peachy Den

Starting off with model Kaia Gerber wearing the Kernel jumpsuit from Peachy Den. Kaia Gerber has actually been spotted wearing several different pieces from this sustainable brand and who's to blame her because their clothing is incredible!

Peachy Den design all of their gorgeous sustainable pieces in London. They pride themselves on being; ‘slinky, stretchy, sustainable’ and... This is all completely true! You'll find it extremely difficult to find a jumpsuit so flattering and comfortable. However, they don’t just stop at jumpsuits, their new collections include skirts, dresses, shirts and so much more, all with sustainability at the heart of what they do.

2. Dua Lipa Wearing Fruity Booty

Next we have Dua Lipa in the Luna Bikini from Fruity Booty. Fruity Booty are a London based sustainable brand who produce limited edition lingerie, swimwear and clothing. They’re most known for their stunning lingerie sets which have been spotted on celebrities such as Kendall Jenner and Ariana Grande. Their designs are gorgeous as well being incredible quality and super flattering styles.

3. Kendall Jenner Wearing House of Sunny

You’ve probably seen this photo all over Pinterest and that is Kendall Jenner wearing the Hockney dress from House of Sunny, a fashion brand from Hackney, London. You may recognise them from this dress, or one of their amazing cardigans that can be seen all over social media.

House of Sunny design and make seasonal drops of high quality clothing and accessories, and when they first release a piece they go on a ‘pre-order’ approach to avoid waste. The top goss is that since this dress became very popular, House of Sunny have released it in multiple different colours and prints!

4. Olivia Rodrigo Wearing Cinta the Label

Not only is Olivia Rodrigo an incredible singer songwriter, but she also has style, recently seen wearing The Alba cardigan by Cinta the Label, a West London based brand inspired by the Spanish shores. Similarly to other brands, Cinta the Label work on seasonal drops with small runs to follow their zero waste policy.

5. Aimee Lou Wood Wearing Monika the Label

Next up we have actress Aimee Lou Wood spotted wearing the Flo Milkmaid Midi Dress by Monika the Label, who are a London based sustainable fashion brand inspired by cali cool and london grunge. They follow sustainable practices through the entire process and all of their pieces are made from sustainable materials too. The best news is this dress comes in both pink and blue!

6. Kim Kardashian Wearing AYM Studio

Finally we have Kim K wearing the Tana Bodycon Midi Dress by AYM Studio.

It seems that AYM Studio is beloved in Hollywood, from Kim Kardashian repeatedly wearing their pieces, to the brand also being spotted on Kylie Jenner, Hailey Bieber, Maddison Beer and Addison Rae, all of whom are supporting this ethical fashion brand based in Lewes, East Sussex.

AYM Studio describe themselves to produce ‘timeless not trendy pieces’ which are ‘designed to outlast trends,’ and based on the fact that so many celebrities have been spotted wearing their gorgeous clothes, we’ve got to believe that this brand is true to their word.

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