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Simple & Creative Ways To Show Someone Love & Affection

Do you have someone you are missing, you care deeply about or someone you just want to show appreciation to? Someone who knows you inside out, understands your biggest dreams and fears, and shares your pain and happiness?

It’s not easy to find - let alone maintain - long lasting relationships, with special friends, family members and significant others. Finding ways to show someone who cares about you, as much as you care about them can take a lot of brain power. Don’t make them wait till later!

But how do you show appreciation and love in an authentic and meaningful way? Here are some of YK DAILY'S simple and authentic tips to show your emotions...

Say These 3 Words Often

Tell. Me. More.

If you say “I love you” over and over again, after a while, it becomes routine. There’s little mindfulness or intention behind those “I love you’s”.

“Tell me more”, however, requires both intention and mindfulness. When you say these words, you’re committing yourself to be fully present in that moment.

Do It The Old Fashion Way

We know this may be hard to believe, but people used to handwrite letters. When you handwrite a letter, not only are you showing someone you cherish them enough to spend the time and energy into writing an actual letter (not another text,) you’re also giving yourself an opportunity to remember all the things you appreciate and love about them.

Do This When You’re In A Room Full Of People...

How to show someone you love them without words? Make them feel like they’re the only person in the world. When you’re off on the other side of the room mingling with other people, remember to make eye contact once in a while, and smile. It’s that simple!

When you do this, you’re letting them know that you’re thinking about them even if you’re not physically by their side. It’s also a classy way to show your affection in public without grossing anyone out.

Instead Of Saying “I Love You”...

Rather than repeating the same old words, why not consider the following...

Leave them a cute sticky note, on their pillow, or front door etc. Your messages can be funny, sweet, sexy, or however you want to make it.

Make a scrap book of all the things you appreciate and gift it to them.

A message in a bottle is a clever way to make your message stand out in this busy world full of digital clutter. You will need a small cork bottle, pen paper and a little imagination. Here are a few ideas on what you can put in your message:

  • Share a secret

  • Recount a memory

  • Invite your partner on a date night with the details

  • Tell them something adorable you noticed about them

  • Ask a question

Record an affirmation. Praise or encouragement from someone we care about often does wonders for our mood, especially when we’re having one of those days when things are just not going our way. So here’s an idea: what if you recorded a series of words or affirmation for your S.O.? If you do that, they can listen to your voice whenever they need to hear encouragements from someone they love.

And guess what? There’s an app that can help you record up to 5 affirmations for free. It’s called “ThinkUp”.

Be Their Cheerleader

We all crave loving support from people we care about the most. Showing support is key to maintaining a good relationship. We all want the security of knowing there’s someone watching our back and rooting us on, especially when we’re pursuing a dream or reaching for something outside of our comfort zone.

Surprise Them With A Fun Activity You Don’t Normally Do

Go and do something new or go somewhere you haven’t been before—an exercise class, a comedy show, or walk through an unfamiliar part of town. Can’t go out? That’s okay! There are lots of ways to do a fun activity indoors.

For example: get some canvas and art supplies for an evening of painting and wine. Or put on your favourite playlist and just dance! There’s always something if you’re willing to get off the couch. According to research, in order to have a happy relationship that lasts, you need 5 positive interactions for every negative interaction!

Ask Them What Their Perfect Day Looks Like And Help Make It Happen

Maybe it’s spending quality time with family, or hanging out with a group of friends. Or it could be binge-watching bad documentaries about alien invasions - remember, it’s THEIR idea of the perfect day!

Then try your best to make that day happen for them. Within your realistic bounds of course. Everyone needs a day like this once in a while where you can do the things you really want to do and wished you had the time to do. It’s important for our happiness.

Don’t Get Another Card!

Why not make a special card for your special person? You really don’t need to be the next Banksy to make a stunning card for someone you love.

Also, why not consider using the same Birthday or Anniversary card every year? It saves paper, and you can look back on each year, reminiscing on how far you have come!

Acknowledge Their Efforts

Say “I see you” it really just means “I acknowledge your efforts and I’m impressed.” Everyone wants their efforts and hard work to be acknowledged, someone to recognise their worth, even when they don’t recognise it themselves.

So if you see your loved one trying hard, acknowledge it. Tell them you see their efforts, you’re proud and you're impressed.

Help Them Stay Healthy

Show your love by helping your special person adopt and maintain healthy habits such as exercising regularly, eating more fruits and vegetables, or quitting smoking.

If healthy habits are not already part of their lifestyle, it may be a difficult transition for them at first. It might take a while for them to appreciate your efforts. But don’t give up. Keep encouraging them patiently. Unlike other material gifts that can quickly lose its shine, this will keep generating value for years to come.

Don’t Forget Physical Touch

Another creative way to say “I love you” without words is through physical touch. Physical touch is a powerful way to communicate love. A kiss, a hug, or even a rub on the back can say so much more than words ever could.

Physical touch is also beneficial to our health. It’s an effective stress reliever, a mood booster, and could even possibly help prevent colds and flus!

To Summaries

Don’t squander the time you have now. Make it a priority to show your family and friends you love them, and do it often.

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