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Sex. . . Good sex requires communication. To fulfill our steamiest desires, one needs to be vulnerable, clearly communicate what they want, and release shame. Staying silent about our pleasures with sex and more specifically in our daily life, holds us back from our inner yearnings.

Article written by Amanda from Cosmic Sweets

Today, we are over-stimulated, as our heightened stress leads us to grab hold of things like CBD or alcohol to calm our nervous system. Despite us recognising the impact of this stress in other areas of our life, have we considered how this roller coaster of emotions affects our sex life?

Let’s set the scene, you’re making dinner for your partner and you have sex on the mind. You may not feel 100% sexy, but being intimate is your love language and you need to be touched. You might have a glass of wine, turn on some music, and light some candles. You may do all three, yet still your body feels tight and your minx side doesn’t want to come out.

What if I told you about a natural way to help fuel your passion and increase your libido? That in an instant could allow you to feel aroused and more connected to your body. How you may ask? Well we’ve heard of aphrodisiacs in food, and of course erectile stimulants that come in any (and every) colour, but have you heard of sex herbs?

These specific adaptogens, herbs and mushrooms are said to lower your cortisol level, increase circulation and boost your libido. Below are my personal top three sex herbs, that can be used daily or in the heat of the moment. These can be used for both male and females, but note that some are catered more to a specific gender.


Have you ever been so turned on that you catch yourself biting your lip. That just one touch or the way your clothes sweep over your body can throw you over the edge? This is what Shatavari can do – known as the herb who possesses 100 husbands, it peeks your divine femininity and can sensualise your daily acts, leaving you in sexual bliss until you’re ready to perform.


Said to increase stamina and physical performance. Helping the body utilise oxygen efficiently to enhance blood flow, not only helpful for athletes but during sexual performances too. Sometimes it’s a marathon...

He Sho Wu

Legend has it that centuries ago an old man fell asleep in a forest after a night of drinking. When he woke, he discovered He Show Wu and decided to add this regularly to his meals. Only one week later he found his fertile abilities, sexual drive and energy all returned. It stimulates your adrenal glands bringing balance to your endocrine system leaving you sexually stimulated and sensually awakened.

To Summaries...

There are an array of sex herbs and aphrodisiacs for you to explore and play with. Fortunately, access to sex herbs has never been easier. Cosmic Sweets has created a sex chocolate; The Minx Chocolate. Just one bite has you stepping into Jessica Rabbits sparkly red dress and walking sultry into a room. Made for both men and women, it allows women to feel confidently feminine and feline, whilst aiding men’s stamina and sexual nature. Why not try a delicious bite of strawberry caramel filled chocolate, infused with multiple sex herbs allowing you to step into your sexual prowess?

However, (and whenever) you decide to take these herbs, just remember to romanticise yourself, communicate your wildest desires and ultimately have fun!

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