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Low Down On Zodiac Signs That Make For The Best Friendships

Are you a star crossed besties? Our resident astrologer Heather, owner of The Alchemy Co. explains which signs are most compatible when it comes to finding the best friendships.


Aries, when looking for your next BFF, look for Leo or Sagittarius. These fellow fire signs make the best friends for excitable Aries. They’re able to keep up with your exuberance and energy while matching your competitiveness when necessary.


The other members of the earth sign club: Virgo, Capricorn and fellow Taureans, make reliable best friends for grounded Taurus. Or, if you’re looking for an opposites attract thing, Scorpio will pull you out of your comfort zone and have you pouring your heart out to them in a way no one else can.


Libra, Aquarius, and fellow Geminis make best buds for Geminis - air signs unite! But they get on almost as well with fellow extraverted signs Aries, Leo and Sagittarius. And that's just as well, as Gemini LOVES to have a multitude of friendships to explore their varied interests.


Sensitive Cancerians are most likely to find emotional connection with fellow members of the Water sign crew, Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces who share their love of creativity. These fellow water signs will also share your sense of empathy, creativity and kindheartedness.


As the life and soul of the party, Leo gets on best with fellow larger-than-life fire signs: Aries and Sagittarius. In the workplace you’ll often find Leo manager with a Virgo right-hand-person who handles all the fine details and helps to keep the Leo grounded. This can be an excellent mutually beneficial relationship so long as the Leo lifts the Virgo up and fully appreciates their hard work and dedication!


Studious and practical, Virgo is well suited to form friendships with fellow Virgos and other Earth signs, Taurus and Capricorn. But, if you’re looking to loosen up and add a sprinkle of the fantastical to your everyday, colour outside the lines, and try building a connection with an artistic Pisces!


Friendly Libra, with your kindness and charm you’re lucky enough to be able to form friendships easily, but the greatest meeting of minds comes from friendships with fellow Librans or other Air signs Gemini and Aquarius. Although you also gel with sensitive Water signs Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces.


Scorpios value deep connection more than any other sign, and they’re most likely to find it with fellow Scorpios and other emotional Water signs, Cancer and Pisces. Scorpio loves a deep chat and these fellow sensitive signs aren’t afraid of exploring emotional depths with them! Fellow water signs are also most likely to share Scorpio’s love of the esoteric and spiritual.


Gregarious Sagittarius is most likely to attract fellow passionate fire signs, Aries and Leo to join their gang. For a meeting of minds Gemini and Sagittarius also make an intelligent and knowledgeable match who will always have lots to discuss / debate about! But for the best travel buddy look for a fellow jet-setting Sag to explore with.


As CEO of the zodiac, Capricorn is most compatible with Taurus and Virgo who understand Capricorn’s ambition and tenacity. That being said, Capricorn and Leo also make the ultimate platonic power couple, and for ‘opposites attract’ friend chemistry, seek the comfort of a caring Cancerian pal.


Aquarius has a reputation for being unique and rebellious, and for that reason other Aquarians, who understand what it is to embrace being different, make the best friendship matches, closely followed by fellow intellectual Air signs, Gemini and Libra. Despite their independent nature Aquarians are the ultimate group leaders, perfectly equipped with the talent for fostering communities and will likely find that others will quickly flock to join in!


Intuitive Piceans are most likely to be on the same wavelength as fellow creative Water signs Cancer and Scorpio. With a penchant for fantasy, Picses can sometimes be guilty of creating an imagined version of new friends in their head, rather than embracing them as they truly are. For that reason grounded signs like Taurs, Virgo and Capricorn also make down-to-earth dependable matches.

Top Tip

  • Check your Sun sign (also known as your Zodiac sign or Star sign) to find your best companion for a day trip or a night on the town, and for the best workplace friendships.

  • Read for your Moon sign to find out where you’ll have the closest emotional connection.

For the ultimate low down on your compatibility, try an astrological chart reading where all the nuances of your unique astrological placements can be explored.

Even better than that, a full chart reading, or predictive reading with an astrologer is the most accurate way to understand your chart, yourself and any upcoming events. Astrologers agree that that’s the most personal and therefore most accurate form of convening with the stars!

To find out more about readings check out Heather’s website or follow her.

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