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Sexy Skin Safety Tips & Highly Rated Protective SPF

Skin safety is super important all year round, as clouds don't block the UV rays that cause ageing and skin cancer so it is still just as important to use your physical block sunscreen on a cloudy day.

Probably one of the biggest sun care myths is that getting a base tan before going on a holiday in the sun will prevent you from getting a sunburn, this is false. If you are spending the day in the sun, the best way to prevent getting burnt is to make sure you re-apply sunscreen every 2 hours—sooner if you are in and out of the water.

Another misconception when it comes to sunscreen is that the higher the SPF the less risk of getting skin damage. The SPF mainly measures skin redness protection from UVB rays. Higher-rated SPF products can give consumers a false sense of security – individuals may think that the higher the SPF, the more protected they are from all forms of skin damage. However, the FDA has found that high SPF sunscreens may overexpose consumers to UVA rays and raise their risk of cancer, because higher SPF doesn’t guarantee the sunscreen offers equally high UVA protection.

With many people now working from home or just venturing outside less frequently, sunscreen may sometimes seem like an unnecessary precaution. However, according to the American Cancer Society, most windows block out UVB rays, but UVA rays still penetrate through glass. So if you often sit near a window, you may be at risk. You should use sunscreen appropriatly daily.

Have you ever said to yourself, "My foundation contains SPF, so I don't need one? Wrong, so don’t choose a foundation just because it has SPF in it, you still need a separate one. The same rule applies for moisturiser too – when combined with a foundation or moisturiser, the protection of the SPF is essentially watered down and therefore does not give you the protection you need. To fully protect your skin against the damaging rays of the sun, apply a broad-spectrum SPF as the last step in your skincare routine before your makeup.

As a general rule, creams and lotions tend to deliver better protection than spray formulations, which most people don't apply enough of to get adequate coverage. Liberal use of SPF on the body is recommended, reapplying every two hours (or after swimming or exercising). For the face, the rule of thumb is one teaspoon of sunscreen to deliver the SPF protection on the package.

Although you can’t eat your sunscreen and this won't help to protect against harmful rays, you can actually dose up on skin loving foods like blueberries, seeds and nuts, watermelon, green tea, leafy greens, carrots and cauliflower to help protect against sun damage through your diet.

Protect and nourish your skin with high-performance sun care. Enjoy maximum comfort and protection from UV radiation all summer long with our recommendations below.

Heliocare Advanced Gel Sunscreen- SPF 50

Our personal favourite recommendation for super protection especially for the face.

High protection formulated with Fernblock® which neutralises and repairs sun damage. Quick absorbing and non greasy finish leaving skin feeling beautiful and protected.

Along with YK Daily, many beauticians and skin experts recommend Heliocare as it helps prevent premature skin ageing with high level protection, promoting skin health. A unique and powerful anti-oxidant fernblock proven to protect skin from within against damage caused by the sun and daylight. DNA repair enzymes help to protect and repair skin cell DNA.

They also have many other brilliant products to choose from directly from their website.

Dermalogica Prisma Protect - SPF 30

This light-activated multitasking moisturiser provides broad spectrum defence while preventing future signs of skin damage. Intelligent drone technology is activated by visible light to help boost skin’s natural luminosity. Breakthrough antioxidant technology helps protect skin against pollution. Broad Spectrum SPF30 provides protection from UV damage, while a bio-ferment from Sage helps maintain an even skin tone. Advanced moisture magnets provide all-day hydration for visibly smooth skin.

Ultrasun Face Anti Pigmentation - SPF 50

Providing high protection against UVA, UVB, blue light and infrared-A rays, the Ultrasun Face Anti Pigmentation SPF50+ also works to prevent, brighten, and diminish existing and future skin pigmentation. Designed to work as a primer, moisturiser, and sun cream, the multi-purpose cream features a lightweight, matte finish that stays put throughout the day. Made without oil, emulsifiers, and perfumes, making it ideal for sensitive and allergy prone skin.

Aesop Protective Body Lotion - SPF 50

Defence against UV damage including vitamin E to promote skin strength. With a lightweight skin feel and refreshing aroma. Key ingredients are spearmint leaf, panthenol and tocopherol.

Kiehl's Activated Face & Body Sun Protector - SPF 30 or 50

A sunscreen for face and body formulated for all skin types, including sensitive skin. Infused with vitamin E, this refreshing lotion leaves skin feeling comfortable and protected.

The Body Shop Skin Defence Multi-Protect Body Lotion - SPF 50

The Body Shop's best protection ever. A new lotion to combine high SPF 50+ PA++++ with 24hr moisture. Lightweight and non-greasy, this multitasker has an improved matrix of UV filters – that’s a fancy way of saying it helps protect skin against UVA rays, which penetrate deeper and cause discolouration, as well as daily aggressors like pollution. It helps future-proof your skin and prevent pigmentation and premature ageing, containing red algae extract and vitamin C.

La Roche Posay Anthelios Melt In Sunscreen Milk - SPF 60

A pioneer in UV protection research for over 15 years, La Roche-Posay, with Anthelios, is trusted by dermatologists worldwide for its advanced formulations in UV protection. La Roche-Posay, Anthelios 60 Face & Body Melt-In Sunscreen Milk SPF 60 is for all skin types. Advanced broad spectrum sunscreen protection in a fast-absorbing, velvety texture. Non-greasy. Oil-free.

Coola Eco-Lux Piña Colada Body Sunscreen - SPF 30

Formulated with raspberry seed oil, which is a natural sunscreen booster, it also consists of organic ingredients such as algae, strawberry and cucumber extracts. The presence of natural piña colada extracts makes sure that a fragrant yet subtle scent reigns thought the day for a refreshing and rejuvenating effect.

Neom Ultimate Calm Face Moisturiser - SPF 30

The calming multitasker for your skin. A nourishing, lightweight SPF moisturiser, which protects from sun damage and UVA. Packed with the most calming, effective, natural extracts, actives and ingredients along with the perfect amount of essential oils leaving your skin calm and protected. Ingredients Include pomegranate seed oil, aloe vera, shea butter, almond oil and lavender, geranium and rose essential oils.

Ren Vegan Face Clean Screen Mineral - SPF 30

Mattifying face sunscreen with Broad spectrum UVA/UVB protection, blue light protection, non-nano technology, vegan and made with naturally derived ingredients. Silicone-free mineral face sunscreen is the result of six years of research into an SPF that's good for skin and the cleanest possible to the planet.

Susan Posnick Brush On Face Block - SPF 30

This product is portable, easy and convenient to use. It gives a slight matt finish to the skin and is virtually translucent – great on very fair to very dark skin. The handy dispensing brush makes it easy to apply with no mess, It can be applied over or under makeup with no risk of smudging or greasy residue.

Avene High Protection Tinted Compact - SPF 50

Protect even the most sensitive skin from the daily effects of UVA/UVB rays with Avene High Protection Tinted Compact SPF 50. This broad-spectrum sunscreen contains skin-nourishing vitamin E for potent antioxidant protection and Avene thermal spring water to soothe and soften the skin. Haute Protection won't irritate post-procedure or ultra-sensitive skin and is hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic so you can maintain a healthy, glowing complexion.

Pai British Summer Time Sensitive Face - SPF 30

Daily face sunscreen with broad spectrum UVA/UVB Protection. COSMOS Natural Certified and dermatologically and patch tested, suitable for sensitive and eczema-prone skin.

Stay protected because skin safety is super sexy.

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