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Are You A Dangerous Spot Popper? The Lowdown On Popping & How To Pop Safely

We all have, at one point or another, popped a pimple even knowing we shouldn't. You know, that mammoth spot that turns up the night before a first date, wedding or a new job, hey, sometimes they are so big you even consider needing another passport to take it on holiday!

Occasionally squeezing a blemish, while not great for your skin, is normal, however, when squeezing pimples, popping zits, or picking at the skin becomes a compulsion, it's time to look a little deeper, as many health experts have warned picking or popping pimples in this area could have potentially fatal consequences.

The “triangle of death” — also known as the “danger triangle” — stretches from the top of the nose to a point on either side of the lips, roughly where dimples usually appear.

So why is this a risky zone you ask? Reason being is because the veins here lead back to the “cavernous sinus” located in the brain. So squeezing a spot can create an open wound, which can become infected by dirt transferred by hands and airborne bacteria.

The veins can then form clots to contain infections, which puts pressure on the brain, leading to partial or full paralysis and, in some cases death. Left untreated an infection of the sinus cavity can also cause a total loss of vision, brain abscesses and meningitis.

The condition, known as Cavernous Sinus Thrombosis, kills 30 percent of those who contract it. But before you start worrying too much, the chances of death are “exceedingly low.” This is because these types of infections are treatable with antibiotics and would have to continue for quite a while before making their way to your brain.

They usually come with symptoms such as redness, swelling, tenderness, drainage and bleeding, or the spot will keep coming back and filling with pus. While these symptoms certainly aren’t pleasant, they’re definitely noticeable, so you’d probably seek treatment before anything serious occurred.

Even so, keeping away from the “triangle of death” from now on is advisable. Your best bet, always, is to leave the zit alone to heal. Dr. Sandra Lee – aka Dr. Pimple Popper – believes that skincare is science not magic, and subsequently recommends her SLMB Skincare pimple patches to reduce the temptation of picking a new born spot. Although there are numerous brands, shapes and colours your can choose from when picking your "patch", NOT YOUR SPOT!

Picking at your blemishes can spread infection and, ultimately, worsen your acne. Clearly, a hands-off policy is the best choice when it comes to your skin, but honestly, we understand that zits are annoying enough that we just want to get rid of them fast, if this is your choice then at least extract the blemish safely. Follow Sarah Palmyra's spot flattening tutorial.

If you feel hacking is your only option, don't use your fingernails or another hard object, don't force the zit to drain, and never squeeze a deep pimple or one that hasn't come to a white or yellow "head". Gently pull the surrounding skin away from the pimple, and push down with light pressure—don't press down on the middle white/black part—the central white core or black core should drain out easily, if not, leave it alone. It's not ready!

Mario Badescu Drying Lotion is a winner for overnight spot reducing success. Made with a blend of Calamine and Salicylic Acid, this product helps to soothe and clear up pimples, blemishes and whiteheads overnight without irritating the surrounding skin. Suitable for even the most sensitive skin types, this skincare must-have is super gentle and effortless to apply. Check this link out for 13 powerful home remedies for acne.

If too many pimples have bee popped, we spoke with Su-Man, celebrity facialist, who explained that she believes through massaging the face everyday it encourages blood flow, increases metabolic function and speeds up the healing process of acne scares, which can occur as a result of picking at the skin. Su-Man continued to explain that it takes time, patience and discipline to deal with a pimple and the aftermath. For acne scars, she normally recommends using a daily gentle exfoliation such as her watermelon polish to remove the dead skin.

When in doubt, give your dermatologist a shout! If you really cannot stand living with a pimple, the safest route is to see your dermatologist. Your dermatologist is your best friend. They can safely extract and pop your pimples and they can even inject the deep painful cysts for those with severe acne, seeing an improvement within hours, as NO ONE wants to face the world with a face full of pimples.

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