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Lemme Tell You Why The Universe keeps GIVING YOU THE SAME LESSON

It can take a long time to realise that the Universe will keep teaching you the same lesson until you understood what you actually need to learn. For example, it could be understanding why self-doubt is a huge factor in your life, like me. And after months of personally working on this topic with a coach, I naively thought I was ‘cured’ of any future self-doubt, little did I know that this was only the beginning.

Words by YK Daily's resident life coach Amira Mansour @the_communicationexpert

You see the past version of me was so focused on fixing and finding solutions to keep growing, that I didn’t realise the self-doubt was going to continually rear it’s head. But it was about quietening it so it didn’t take over my whole world and stop me from progressing. I had to learn that the hard way. I swapped 12 years in the corporate world for self employed life. When working in the corporate world I had a manager who undermined and micro managed me, this left me fighting to prove that I was in fact good enough, when in reality she was projecting how she felt about herself onto me.

I unfortunately let the way that someone else viewed me, impact the way I viewed myself. It was pretty soul crushing, and only when I stopped to listen to the Universe and reflect on why this may have been showing up, did I crack the code. So in today’s blog I’m sharing what the Universe is trying to say to you, so you can listen a lot sooner than I did.

The Universe is your friend, it wants you to thrive and do well. It wants you to remember that you’re loved, worthy and capable. Every lesson and every reminder isn’t going to always be negative. Sometimes, you’ll get the reminder as someone helps lift your suitcase for example, or sends you a message with the exact words you needed to hear. The Universe is rooted in love and is helping us grow, so no matter how hard it feels at any given time, appreciating the lessons make us stronger.

What experiences are repeating in your life at the moment? Are you attracting the same type of partner over and over again who never treat you in the way you desire? Do you continually run into the same frustrating situations at work? If you’re choosing to ignore these lessons, then the Universe is going to keep presenting an opportunity so you can master them and change your approach, behaviour or perspective. Take it from me, as someone who’s continually learning to let go of the control, the more you fight it, the louder the lessons get, until you’re forced to listen.

How do you know it’s a lesson and something the Universe wants you to listen to? Firstly look for the patterns. If you continually face the same challenge or a similar situation again and again, well the Universe is saying (maybe shouting at this point,) “Hey, I need you to listen here”. For example, if you’re partner keeps asking you to do something that doesn’t feel right for you, it could be your sign to speak up, communicate your needs and share your boundaries.

Secondly, look at the moments and situations where you feel the most uncomfortable. What do you try and avoid? Why are you trying to avoid it? I used to say yes to almost everything and everyone because I wanted to keep the peace, rather than rock the boat.

So here are my 3 reasons why the Universe is trying to get you to listen….again:

Reason 1: You Haven’t Learnt The Lesson Yet

As I’ve said before, the Universe has its own magical way of helping you to learn the lessons you really need to at the time you need them. Now, whilst we may have seen a friend or family learn a similar lesson, there will be our own way that we need to experience it in our life, in order for it to help us grow. In the moment, it can feel easier to blame external people and situations as to why something’s happening, but it’s when we take ownership of our part in it that we can really understand what the Universe is asking us to do differently. And it is usually through the harder, darker periods of life that will bring about the most change.

Reason 2: You Need A Reminder Of The Lesson

If your self-doubt, for example, keeps showing up even though you thought you had ‘worked’ on it? Well, this could be because you hadn’t really learnt the lesson you needed to (which could be understanding how to validate yourself first, before giving up power and allowing others to discredit you). So if you keep finding yourself in similar situations which are asking you to dig deeper, It doesn’t mean that you have gone backwards or not made progress the first time, but as humans learning something once usually isn’t enough. Sometimes it requires us to experience something similar again (and probably again,) to be able to look at it from different perspectives. And when the lesson reappears or acts as a reminder it’s an indicator that our beliefs, habits or behaviours could do with being adjusting.

Reason 3: Your Behaviour Hasn’t Changed Yet

Being human makes us forgetful. Our brains are hardwired to keep us safe and protect us, and safety means doing what’s familiar, aka what we’ve always done. So if you’ve received the lesson, and received the reminder but you’re struggling to change your behaviour, this could be a reason that the Universe is giving you another nudge.

This doesn’t mean you got it wrong, or that you ‘should’ have known better. It's the Universe’s way of saying, ‘Can you embody this lesson? Can you change your behaviour and take a different approach'? So when you get a reminder, such as plans not happening, things falling through in the business or tech breaking, it’s for you to take note because you my be doing too much rather than letting things flow. This could mean releasing the reins a little, to trust that it’s going be ok and that you don’t have to control absolutely everything in life.

Remember, manifesting what you want means learning and growing along the way. Until you’re ready to listen, the universe is going to keep repeating your lessons until you’re willing to do something differently. It’s for a higher good, even if you may not see it at the time.

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D. K.
D. K.

Great read! I used to always wonder why it felt like the universe hates me or was keeping me down. My life hasn't always been easy..But then I started getting into manifestation - visualizing what I want and really feeling it. And that's when things started changing for me. I think sometimes we all get stuck in ruts so we've gotta find a way to get the energy moving again. For me, manifestation and affirmations did the trick. Just putting good stuff out there and believing it was already mine.

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