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Create A Picture Perfect Eco Friendly Picnic

While snacking in the park is among the more relaxed activities you can do this summer, there's still many aspects you will have to figure out before your super cute afternoon, like what to wear, how to transport all the food and drinks, what you will rest your peachy bottom on & what if your phone runs out of battery!

In fact, coordinating the ultimate picnic could actually be half the fun. If you share our sentiment, you're in luck, achieve picnic style goals with YK DAILY'S top tips, highlighted below. These essentials will have all your friends gratuitously snapping your photo as you soak up the sun and snack on watermelon like it's no big thing!

Cooler Bags

So, let's get ready for you to pack the rosé and crudités. Below is a selection of cooler bags and basket styles to look out for.

Handbag For Everything But The Kitchen Sink

A sweet little handheld basket bag would be a lovely picnic addition, however, size does matter on this occasion, seeing as you have to transport everything apart from the kitchen sink (although that would be handy too). Going hands free as much as possible is more practical in our option, so opting for a large backpack, crossbody or shoulder bag would be a good shout to lug around your picnic supplies in style.

Cute tip to remember, wrap a silk scarf or bandana around the handle of a basket bag for added colour!

Fashion Style

Think chic and practical. Embroidered details are so romantic. Brighten things up with a punch of colour, most colour palettes are acceptable for a park outing, maybe avoid white though, especially on your lower half, just incase of grass stains or the dreaded spillage! Be bold with accessories and shoes. Also consider transitional layers, as we have all experienced sudden weathers woes.

Go Long

A little extra length for lounging comfortably wouldn't go a miss. Pastel colours, polka dots, stripes or a floral maxi dress are all on theme for the outdoors.

Short But Sweet

You'll feel extra fancy in a breezy fun sun dresses which keeps you cool and comfortable all day long. Pair with on trend sneakers to dress it down.


A couture essential which will help to protect against the beaming sun all day.

Bottom Half

High-rise denim shorts will always be in style for a picnic, but so will the denim jean and elasticated waist trouser, especially when you will be stuffing your face!


YK DAILY'S perfect pair of shoes for a relaxed day, which go with almost anything, is a pair of on trend trainers or espadrilles. If you rather something more fancy, a canvas wedge is always a great shout, adding height and lengthening those wonderful pins of yours!


With vintage-inspired frames or all-black sunnies, you can't go wrong! There are so many frame shapes and colours on the high street now, you have the world of choice.


There is nothing worse than ants in your pants, or your food! Explore dreamy blanket options. P.S. You may consider taking scatter cushions for aesthetics and comfort to be the envy of all other picnickers.

Healthy Food + Containers

The best part of a picnic is the FOOD, well in our opinion of course! YK DAILY love's the idea of a strawberry salsa with healthy corn chips, homemade dips like beetroot or turmeric humus, or black olive tapenade, with a selection of crudités.

Homemade lemonade. Pretty hand wrapped door stop sandwiches. Finger foods are a must, veggie dip pots are fun, plus easy to transport also. If your picnic isn't sweet enough, pack some sweet treats that are less likely to melt, something like fruit skewers could be a great call.

Don't forget wipes and napkins, things can get messy. Opt for acrylic dinner wear, it's far more sophisticated than plastic, plus you can wash and re-use every outing, it's far more sustainable. Take light weight boards to display your buffet on even ground. If you pack the food in silicone nesting containers it's also easier to re-pack and take any left overs home - if there are any! Likewise you can use silicone cups and collapsable Champagne flutes. Bamboo cutlery is another option, although cutlery from home is properly an easier shout.

For a super sustainable picnic try to avoid as much plastic as possible, for example, make the most of readily available reusable bags and plates. Plus don't forget to clean up fully on your departure.

Fur Babies

Of course we can't forget about our four legged family members! Be sure to think about their enjoyment at your picnic. If you aim to take them for a long walk prior, they should be more likely to chill out, but if yours has copious amounts of energy, remember their favourite toy or ball, bring their lead, plenty of water, food, and poop bags!

Be aware before choosing your spot on the beach or in the park for the day, make sure there is nothing untoward for them to eat that may hurt or upset them. Bring a separate blanket for them, so they don't nab yours. Be sure you are loaded with their special treats to applaud good behaviour.

Don't let them get hold of anything harmful, (see our related post at the bottom of this article on harmful food and drink for your pup.)


Portable Phone Charger

The tans might fade, but the memories need not, take a portable charger on your outing to ensure you can snap snap snap away!


Talking of tans... Don't forget to apply an adequate SPF, and if you are going to be in an open unshaded area, consider taking a parasol is you need any time out.

Bug Repellant

Where there is food, you will no doubt find bugs and insects, it would be a good idea to either take a citronella candle or repellent with you, to be on the safe side. (See article below under related posted for natural ways to treat bites.)

Insta Worthy Pics

You many consider taking and a small vase or basket of pretty blooms to set the scene for your insta uploads.


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