Fashion + Beauty Tips To Seduce Your Crush

Looking to use the powers of beauty and fashion on your love partner, or catch the attention of a new crush? Follow YK DAILY'S tips and tricks along the way!

Naked Face

Don't let make-up distract from my natural beauty. You might find this strange, but A LOT of individuals find it very attractive when they see a girl without makeup. Most partners like to see the genuine you, not the improved adaptation of you. We don't mean no moisturiser and exposed spots, just try and keep any make-up on a chilled lounge day to a bare or natural make-up look.

That's not to say that they don't like to see the more made up version of you also, because they defiantly do!

Get Lippy

No not with words, with the colour of-course. While some partners like a rouged lip, many love a subtle lip gloss which shows off the texture of your natural lips. Although, the smell of a red lippy can somethings replicate your grandma's, (just saying,) so if you are thinking of "rockin" a sexy red or bright bold lip colour, just bare in mind, if you want to look kissable for that cheeky smooch, you want to look soft, moisturised and ready to go.

Look Into His Eyes

Yes long false lashes can look amazing, if chosen and applied correctly. However nothing is more unattractive than when oversized false eyelashes are half hanging off! It gives off the "trying way too hard" or "too much effort involved" vibe. Mac sell a great choice of natural lash, which they can even apply for you at the time of purchase, just make a booking before hand.

Now to touch on the smoky eye. Hands down one of the most favourited makeup looks, however, you aren't exactly going to put on a full smokey eye to go to the supermarket... Or are you?

Many females claim to receive the most compliments when sporting a naked face, or a sexy, smouldering eye paired with nude lip gloss.

Exfoliate And Shave

This may seem basic, but it's just the ultimate in femininity. There is nothing better than super smooth pins! Soft, touchable skin is a must have, and the best way to get smooth, supple skin is by regularly exfoliating and moisturising.

Let Your Hair Down

Across the board, hair down is preferred over any kind of "styled" 'do. Apparently it makes women look more approachable, like they are down to have a good time when their hair is free-flowing.

On the contrary...


Although long hair is cherish on ladies, there is a consensus that girls look cute when they have a ponytail, as the entire face and neck are on show.

Now, moving on from beauty, into the fashion world...

The Leather Jackets

The leather jacket is the opposite of the delicate girlish outfit, adds a claw and is very attractive.

It gives off a sexy wild and have a free identity vibe. The leather jacket with a tight dress or skinny jeans and pair of heels is the perfect outfit that every guy would notice.


We can assure you that there is nothing nerdy about the "right pair" of glasses. Actually, it is quite the opposite. Furthermore, with the correct frame, you can even look better and more attractive.

Wearing glasses not only exudes feelings of brilliance and braininess, it can be a fantasy fulfilled for some!

Cap, Yoga Pant And Sports Jerseys

This look is kryptonite. Yoga pants can emphasises you figure and shape, showing you are health conscious and take care of yourself. A cap can be a saviour for a bad hair day, plus, save a lot of money on hair products! Pairing these with a sporty top can be a winning combo for sports lovers, suggesting you are a carefree, athletic and cool individual.


Of course, we know the high heel will always be the trademark of women's footwear style, however, it seems that guys and girls love women who can rock the flat shoe or fashionable trainer.

With today's trends, both flats and on-trend sneakers look great with jeans, dresses or shorts, even the biker boot is a must have nowadays.

Men's Clothes

There are situations when sampling a man's shirt only stimulates his imagination, and makes you more attractive than ever before.

An Off-The-Shoulder Number

An off-the-shoulder top is classy, yet still demurely sexy. Just casually tilt your head and lightly brush your hair back to draw further attention to your neck. Exposing the neck and shoulders is a sign of docility which sends a message to say, “Come talk to me.”

Bolster Feelings Of Attraction With Specific Colours

Men are visualisers. If you want to draw their attention, you must sometimes stand out by colour. Blue and red are especially known for creating a great degree of temptation. For bonus points, try to find something blue or red that’s also soft and silky. Soft textures feel pleasant, are soothing, cozy, cuddly and give a sense of safety.

To Summaries

The next time you know you’re going to be around your crush, plan your wardrobe accordingly. Red to ignite passion. Soft to seem soothing and approachable. If all goes well, they'll be eating out of the palm of your hand… Or at least stroking the sleeve of your blouse.