Be The Hottest Host In Town With Our Ultimate Garden Party Guide

The best kind of garden party has sharp outdoor décor ideas and fun outdoor activities, sure, but it also has plenty of food, abundant drink, and a slew of functional furnishings, including plenty of seating and dependable outdoor lighting.

As with anything, hosting superb soirees, whether it’s indoors, in a garden, on a terrace, or in a courtyard, it gets easier over time. The first one may be a major challenge, but with YK DAILY'S top tip, you’ll be able to pull together an outdoor bash for any toast-worthy occasion with minimal stress, after all, it's meant to be fun!

Serve On-Theme Drinks And Canapés

Impress your guests by turning avocados into rose, Pimm's into cupcakes (eat your heart out Great British Bake Off), and cherry tomatoes and black olives into Ladybirds! These edible outdoor themed foods taste as good as they look.

For some more glamorous grown-up nibbles, soak your grapes in Prosecco and Cointreau. Prosecco is always a good idea right? Set out a bowl of these and watch them disappear, almost instantly. This creation makes for the perfect tasty offering at a dinner party whilst sipping aperitifs.

Dress Up Your Ice Bucket

Fill your ice bucket with flowers and fruits. It'll chill your bubbly, and double as a bright and colourful centrepiece!

Check out our blog on how to make edible flower ice cubes.

Create A Dress Code

It doesn't have to be fancy dress, just a cute on topic theme, you could opt for peace, love & party, hippy or festival vibes, get the kids into it also, they will love it.

Teepees For Guests

Who doesn't love a tepee, in the summer that is! They are a chic addition to any outdoor soiree, giving a fun festival feel, great for the kids too! Furnish the interior with comfy cushions, rugs and blankets.

Outdoor Cinema

Before you discard this option thinking its too much hassle or out of your budget, hear us out. A projector is a great investment for any film-loving family or group of friends. Yes, they do start from £100, (check out the best options), however, you can use it year on year, and even indoors. All you need is the projector, then just string a sheet up between a couple of trees, or on a wall. Start the cinematic experience by watching a movie while snuggling up on a squidgy bean bag under some blankets, with a big bowl of popcorn, or bbq leftovers!

Blankets For Guest

Fold blankets on the back of chairs. Not only do they look cute with minimal fuss, but they also offer guests the practical option of keeping those goosebumps at bay and making the most of the evening.

DIY Parasol Canopy

Colourful parasols hung upside down make a wonderful visual statement, especially when supported with the diffused light from the sun or evening fairy lights.

They will provide shade and look pretty, can be as simple or as extravagant as you wish, and will always have a use at a garden party, come rain or shine.

Gamers, Music And Entertainment

Informal games and entertainment are perfect for the late afternoon. Adults and children alike love giant Jenga, Chess, Connect Four, not to mention the tradition game of rounders, croquet or boules.

To Keep the party rocking, create a few playlist to have on random throughout the day, maybe a chill house or beach club playlist from 12-6pm, and then ramp it up a notch with club house or RnB playlist from 6-Late!

Sparklers and Chinese lanterns are a lovely touch for after the sun has set. Great for the kids and the adults secretly still love them too!

Giant Balloons

Create an immediate party setting for your guests by placing oversize helium balloons by the tables. They can double up as a party favour by allowing guest to take them home also! Make sure to weigh them down though, don't want them leaving the party too soon. Cover the string in a fabric or tinsel that echoes the colour of your balloons.

Light Your Garden With Candles & Citronella

If you are hosting a party in a small area or courtyard, candles in jars and holders is an effective way to keep guests focus on the party area.

Citronella is also a must, keep those pesky midges away from you and your guest by dotting citronella candles or oil around your dining and chilling areas, you don't want your guest remembering the night by how many bites they got!

Light It Up

From candles to major light installations, lighting is essential for setting the mood of an outdoor party... Nothing gives off that Midsummer Night's Dream vibe more than fairy lights strung in trees (just make sure they're suitable for outdoor use.)

Whether they are on a string, up-lighters, down-lighters, fairy lights, all lights are good, get warm white colours and illuminate trees and quaint areas to create atmosphere, as well as being practical.

DIY Table Decorations

Creates a fresh look by mixing seasonal foliage into little bouquets, or simply lay creatively on tables. Create name tags with ribbon and Rosemary and decorate plain candle holders with pretty Heather and string.

Pretend Crockery

Don't let everyone have a smashing time with your crockery, invest in acrylic dinnerware and glasses, it will pay off in the long run. However, don't let them eat from plastic cutlery, it's just annoying!

Set Up A Picnic

On a sunny day, take your living room outdoors, whether it's the entire sofa or a few cushions and throws. A voile canopy and a few lanterns strung from a tree will make it so much more than an impromptu picnic. An informal selection of rugs and cushions on the ground gives a bohemian and picnic-like atmosphere.

If you have any leftover pallets, you can even use them as a mini table, with or without a table cloth!

Garden Tea Party

You don’t need a reason to have a tea party because they are just the perfect way to spend time with your friends and family. Collect together your vintage crockery no need to worry about it matching, as that is the real genuine appeal of the whole look!

Let the garden provide beauty for your table. Fill clear glasses with fresh herbs for a whimsical arrangement that smells as good as it look. You could celebrate with refreshing iced herbal teas, sprightly homemade lemonade or pack more of a punch with cocktails.

Feed guests at your tea party feast with a selection of awesome sandwiches, salads such as strawberry and hazelnut with balsamic chicken and goat cheese for example! Don’t forget the charming scones and mini desserts.

Get Toasty

If you want to keep the party going after the sun goes down and the air starts to get crisper, just move over to a fire pit. This warm conversation pit will keep the party going into the wee hours. You can pick them up online from around £80, don't forget to add the marshmallow forks!