• Caitlin Jaymes

How To Perfect Your Messy Pantry Problems For An Organised Mind

With a background ranging from fashion PR to fashion design, Caitlin Jaymes has found a true love for organisation. After working in retail, she could no longer tell her clients that they needed more belongings because the truth is, they didn't. Her experience working with celebrities, men and women of all ages led her to discover that organisation has the ability to change a person’s lifestyle, from confidence to ambition, and a stress-free environment.

One of Caitlin's go to pieces of advice for clients is; Life has too many stressors, don’t let clutter be one of them!

Words by Caitlin Jaymes

So you’re thinking of organising your pantry, but don’t know where to start. Look no further, with these 5 easy steps you’ll be on your way to that perfect “before and after” photo.

1. Take Inventory & Categorise

Let’s get the hardest step out of the way, taking inventory of your pantry... The reason I say this is because it's where I start to see my clients getting overwhelmed. It can be daunting to stare at all of your pantry contents dumped onto your table, but all you need to do is take a deep breath and trust you’ll get it done!

Writing down categories can help expedite this process. Common categories I use are: children’s snacks, sauces, breads and grains, sweets, etc. Once you begin to categorise your pantry you will be able to clearly see what type of organising supplies you require.

2. Create A Shopping list

Now that you have your pantry in categories, we can start to buy organising supplies. Let’s face it, we all want that aesthetically pleasing pantry, but that can be pricey. If you’re on a budget this step will be important. A great way to get that picture perfect organised aesthetic without breaking the bank is to look at the staples you always have in your pantry. For example, if you have a sweet tooth you may always have an assortment of candy in your pantry at all times. This means you can splurge on individual canisters to hold each type of candy. However for pantry items that are seasonal or rare, store those items in baskets or plastic bins. I find that bins and baskets are always cheaper and can store many more items.

3. The Set-Up

Okay, we’re finally at the set-up of our pantry. This is where you may decide you need to sacrifice aesthetic for functionality. Let’s go back to your perfect assortment of candies that are now in individual canisters. While these may be exciting to look at, you may want to store these items higher in your pantry so they’re not as accessible as your healthier everyday options.

4. To Label Or Not To Label

I have never been an organiser who is obsessed with labeling. However, if you live in a household where multiple people will be accessing your pantry, I would highly recommend labelling the categories of your pantry. When you label make sure you’re sticking to broad categories versus labeling every food item. This will help you and your cohabiters to maintain your organised pantry. For example, now when your husband, or teenager tosses a random bag of crisps into the pantry, they have a specific section to go to, basically, they have no excuse to me messy or disorganised!

5. Get A Step Stool

This is one of my favorite tips to give my clients because it’s often forgotten. Whether it be your pantry or closet, I often find that my clients all have that “I’ll put it away later” pile on their floor. This pile often accumulates because the home for those things are often stored out of reach. When you keep a step stool right by your pantry you have no excuse not to put away those hard to reach items.

Happy organising and if you conquer your pantry organising make sure to tag @caitlin_jaymes in your before and after photos!

Recommended Pantry Products

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Tired Shelf

With these shelf organisers, your spices and jars will be more visible for easy access. With a sleek and modern design these additional layer provide more accommodation.

Tea Storage

This kitchen and pantry storage solution has space for all sorts of packaged items, such as spices and herbs, but we love this lightweight storage box to neatly show off your selection of teas in the 8 separate compartments.

Lazy Susanne

These Lazy Susanne's are a fun practical solution to your storage woes. The clever design allows for dynamic storage and 360-degree rotation.

Pantry Bins

These pantry bins are the secret to effortless organisation to make the most of your pantry space. Completely clear so contents are always viewable. Use alone or in multiples to sort packaged goods, pantry staples or kitchen towels and linens. With a clean look that's perfect for clutter-free storage these bins are also extremely durable.

Oxo Pop Dispensers + Accessories

OXO Good Grips Pop containers are airtight, with space-efficient designs which keep dry foods fresh and your cupboards organised. They are BPA free, dishwasher-safe and stack perfectly with all pop containers, customised to fit any space.

Convenient fill line makes it easy to store staples like cereal, flour, sugar, pasta, rice, coffee, nuts and snacks, with an easy to use push button to engage the airtight seal.

Plus you can now make the most of the OXO Pop Containers with POP accessories; helpful tools that attach neatly to the underside of the container lids, like this 3-piece scoop set allows you to measure or portion control pantry staples stored within the containers.

Bonus Bundle Containers

We couldn't resist including this alternative superior bundle which is great value for money. It comes with 24 BPA free premium air tight food storage containers in a variety of shapes and sizes, a measuring spoon set, a chalkboard marker & reusable chalkboard labels allowing You to organise your pantry like never before!

Script Pantry Labels

These fully customisable script labels are not only affordable, they are water proof and professionally printed. A larder cupboard must have to remain organised.

Glass Display Jars

If you are looking to elevate your kitchen storage to a new high, consider these designs. They not only look incredible, but keep the contents fresh.

The hard wearing glass jar with natural bamboo lid and spoon is available in 3 different sizes, and a great eco friendly accessory for your home. The canister pot is very easy to clean and to maintain for your convenience. Add the below script labels to these jars and you have perfect interior design friendly spice pots.

Essential Wall Hanging + Space Saving Baskets

With these wall hanging and space saving storage baskets you can create a calm atmosphere in your home by eliminating unnecessary clutter. The wall hanging basket is made from warm, natural hemp material which helps to add a lively and cosy touch to the home. And the floor space saving basket is made from braided seagrass. Take either of these options shopping with you, or simply use to store larger items you would rather not have on show.

Pretty Brass S Hooks

Stay organised, and live beautifully with these customisable brass hooks with vegetable tanned leather loops. Add storage and organisation to your pantry space with these easy to install hooks.