Why Do Some Houses Sell & Others Don't?

Some properties sell before the "For Sale " board has even been put up, while others are on the market for months - so why do some properties sell and others don't? Here is YK DAILY'S advice to making sure yours sells within the timescale you require and for the right price.

What is the right price?

To get prospective buyers through the door your house must be advertised at the correct price. Work with your local property experts understanding for a better understanding, however ALWAYS do your own research.  

Set the price too high at the beginning and you could deter the most serious buyers at the very time when your property is new to the market and likely to generate the most interest. 

Listen to feedback:

If you really want to sell your home, listen to the feedback from viewings. Agents should relay this back to you and offer advice on how to resolve any reoccurring themes; this could be anything from removing the shed to create more outside space, to tidying the loft to demonstrate its true potential for a conversion. 

What is the motivation for the move?

Your motivation in the first place can have a huge impact on how long your house is on the  market for. For example, if you've already found your dream home, securing your next move might be more important to you than holding out for longer in the hope of achieving an even higher sales value. 

Whereas if you're just testing the market and you have no real reason to make a quick move, then timing may not be the driving force, securing "the best price" may be the key. Just remember that "the best price" could arrive early so sometimes playing the waiting game is not worth the risk.


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