Cherish Moments For A Lifetime With Contemporary Photo Album Art

In this day and age, we often post photos to Facebook or Instagram and then forget all about them. But with so many clever ways to display printed pictures around the house, why not print a bunch of your favourite photos and start decorating? (Claim 600 free prints at SnapFish when you download their app.)

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Not sure where to start? Take a cue from the displays below (none of which are cheesy, promise!)

Go Black And white

Blogger Jess Keys of The Golden Girl constructed a DIY photo ledge, then filled it with tons of different black and white prints in varying sizes. We love the cohesive yet collected look, as well as the mix of personal pictures and artwork. Time to stock up on frames!

Make A Masterpiece Of Minis

Do you own an instant camera?

The couple behind Yellow Brick Home opted to place their instant photos in a small shadowbox frame, and it’s an excellent way to showcase favorite memories even if space is limited. Adding captions ensures you’ll never forget where each photo was taken.

Get Crafty With Twine

If you prefer more of a rustic look, this is the project for you. Ashley of Shanty 2 Chic made a gorgeous standing photo holder using pieces of wood, twine, and mini clips. (Note that there is some drilling involved.) Plus, it’s super easy to switch out favourite pics as often as you’d like, so no need to worry about choosing the perfect combo the first time around, or falling out with anyone!

Create An Oversized Gallery Wall

Krista Horton hung big family photos (with tons of personality) in a uniform pattern, to make this stunning gallery wall. We bet it garners lots of attention from friends and visitors who swing by. Plus, kids will love seeing enlarged images of themselves as they walk down the hallway.

Showcase Your Instas

You surely have dozens of great Instagram photos at your disposal… so why not frame some of your favourite tiny squares all together?


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