Our Highly Rated Zero % Alcohol Wines Packed Full Of Flavour

Check out our YK DAILY tried and tested non alcoholic wines. These are ideal for those who want to enjoy great flavours with minimal alcohol - but still want to party of course!

Harvey Nichols Sparkling Chardonnay, 0%

Shop - Harvey Nichols £10

Harvey Nichols Sparkling Chardonnay is a refreshing non-alcoholic sparkling wine. A non-alcoholic wine made from the juice of Chardonnay grapes, Sparkling Chardonnay has the bead of Champagne and the mouth feel of a good wine. Aromas of passionfruit and sweet mango are complemented on the palate with ripe papaya and guava flavours, finishing with a crisp, dry note of fresh lime.

Thought to suit those times when you want to drink with pleasure but avoid the alcohol effect, this refreshing drink is very food-friendly and will accompany fresh oysters, white fish and perfectly ripe soft cheese very well. Best enjoyed chilled and served in a champagne flute, it can also make a great alcohol-free spritzer when mixed with mineral water and crushed mint.

Scavi And Ray Prosecco 0.03%

Shop - Dry Drinker £8.99

Scavi and Ray Prosecco 0.03% allows you to be part of the celebration, while staying alcohol-free. If you want more than fizzy water when everyone else is drinking Champagne, this is your go to.

It’s a light, refreshing and authentic alternative to Scavi & Ray’s award-winning Prosecco. Made from the same Glera grape as the alcoholic version, it certainly isn’t ‘too sweet’.

Carl Jung Chardonnay 0.2%

Shop - Delicious Drink Shop £4.99

This non-alcoholic light Chardonnay wine is delicately fruity with a slight sweetness and a pleasant sour long finish. This white wine is delicious to combine with fish dishes.

Torres Natureo Muscat, 0.5%

Shop - Waitrose & Partners £4.99

"Anyone who drinks low-alcohol wine knows there are some pitfalls - often you don't get to drink the calibre of wine everyone else is having. But this one is really very good. The orange notes of the Muscat play well. A terrific choice for designated drivers, pregnant women or guests who don't want alcohol." - Says Phillip Schofield

Spanish Torres Natureo Rosé Syrah Cabernet Sauvignon 0.5%

Shop - Waitrose & Partners £4.99

Alcohol free rosé wine allows you to be part of the celebration, while staying alcohol-free.

Torres Natureo Rosé Cabernet Sauvignon is a very high quality rosé wine with an alcohol content of 0.5% and exceptional flavour. Savour a deep, brilliant, pale cherry-red wine with aromas of wild berries and red liquorice. Fresh, lively and fruity on the palate, with predominant red fruit flavours and a long finish.

Fre White Zinfandel 0.05%

Shop - One Stop Wine Shop $6.00

This Fre White Zinfandel has a fresh, distinctive aroma of cherry, strawberries and cranberries combined with soft, fruity, berry-like flavours leading to a crisp aftertaste. Yes please.

Pierre Zero Merlot 0.0%

Shop - Delicious Drink Shop £5.99

Pierre Zero Merlot is a delicious alcohol-free red wine with a beautiful deep ruby red color. The aromas of red fruit combined with a fresh and soft finish make this an excellent wine. Due to the low quantity of calories, this wine is a perfect mix of pleasure and diet. This wine is made in a natural way after which the alcohol is extracted from the wine using a very modern centrifuge technique.

Lussory Premium Red Merlot 0.0%

Shop - Delicious Drink Shop £7.49

Lussory Premium Red Merlot is made from the Merlot grapes from Spain. This non-alcoholic wine has a harmonious and tasteful character, while the natural aromas have been retained after the alcohol has been removed. The wine has a soft texture with notes of red berries and vanilla. This red wine can be combined with game dishes.

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