Our Highly Rated Vegan Organic Wines For The Sustainable Drinker

Are you a mindful drinker, seeking organic vegan wine? Well you are reading the right article!

Vegan wine isn't just a "trendy" or passing phase in the industry. Within the last few years, more and more people are becoming "wine woke". Much to do with the ever-growing vegan movement, as a result, our wine culture is ever-evolving. YK Daily are here to make sustainability a research priority for you. See our vegan wine recommendations below...

Delle Vite - Prosecco

Shop - Delle Vite

Rich and extra-dry with a highly mineral palate that lingers, Superiore DOCG is characterised by hints of crostini and chamomile. Della Vite (meaning ‘from the vine’) is delicious and versatile enough to mark any occasion. Created by Chloe, Poppy and Cara Delevingne this is the new must have Vegan Prosecco.

Rich Secco - Prosecco

Shop - Rich Prosecco €9.99

This fizzy flavour canned Prosecco is Vegan and sustainably canned, made from the Raboso grape. An idyllic way to treat yourself with exquisite aromas of raspberries and strawberries which free your mind. The mild taste relaxes your senses and brings harmony to your soul. Enjoy as an aperitif, brunch or girly night, whatever the occasion enhance it with serenity and optimism!

Avaline - Sparkling Wine

Shop - Avaline $26

The bubbles for your everyday celebrations — like making it to Friday after a long week, bringing that one houseplant back to life, or flipping the perfect pancake, says Avaline. Pop a bottle anytime. A very refreshing sparkling wine that is perfect to enjoy as an aperitif, but that is equally as delicious paired with a variety of dishes. Co foundered by Cameron Diaz.

Fleury Carte - Champagne

Shop - Abel & Cole £34.50

This Blanc De Noris is a lovely dry champagne with excellent depth and creaminess on the mid palate. Flavours of plum and raspberry show exceptionally well with a long clean finish. A biodynamic favourite!

Selfridges Selection - Garnatxa Blanc

Shop - Selfridges £14.99

Again, this organic wine is from Selfridges Selection. The Garnatxa Blanc grapes are grown organically from the same villages of Batea and Gandesa. Enjoy yours chilled by the glass, or as an accompaniment to light and fresh dishes like a Tuna Nicoise salad or a whole seabass for example.

Theodora Gut Oggau - Welsch Riesling - Michelin Star Wine

Shop - Buon Vino £29.99

You will be addicted to the flavour of this dry Welsch Riesling. It's complex with great depth and body, intriguing aromas of under ripe melon, kiwi and yeasty notes. Suitable for lighter more elegant fish dishes.

Gut Oggau is a 14 hectare Austrian wine estate located in the province of Burgenland by the Lake Neusiedl. The estate is run by Eduard Tscheppe and his wife Stephanie, daughter of a 2 Michelin star restaurant owner. It is a certified biodynamic estate with each wine coming from a single plot of vines with different terroirs showing different expressions in the wine. The individual personalities of the wine are expressed in the faces on the labels created by Jung von Matt (German designer) and brought together in the Gut Oggau family tree. A unique and fascinating way of describing the wines, they taste every bit as intriguing as the labels suggest.

Walnut Block - Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc

Shop - Abel & Cole £12.50

Located in Marlborough’s premium Rapaura sub region a commitment to organics allow this vineyard’s unique characters to be expressed due to less outside influences such as

sprays and fertilizers. Depth of flavour and mouthfeel has improved as the vines become more self-sufficient and naturally balanced. Walnut Block is a small vineyard that is owned and run by two brothers whose passion for wine is equaled only by their passion for ethics and the environment. This Sauvignon Blanc comes from some of the best vines in their single block, next to a Walnut tree, as well as some of their younger and fresher vines, to give a bright and expressive wine suitable for all occasions.

Domaine Chante Cigale - Châteauneuf-du-Pape

Shop - Majestic £19.99

Majestic are right when they say that to buy a single row of vines in Châteauneuf-du-Pape, you'll pretty much need to re-mortgage your house. However, owner and winemaker of renowned Domaine Cristia, has created a perfect organic blend - without the typical price tag. It's blended from three different terroirs within the region: sand, limestone and the famous 'galets roulés' pebbles. It's full of spice and raspberry and redcurrant fruit. And its firm structure makes it perfect with Mediterranean-style foods, like rustic vegetable dishes.

Nero Oro - Riserva

Shop - Majestic £9.99

NeroOro Riserva has a very deep red colour with a nice and powerful concentration of red berries and spices on the nose. The wine is well balanced and harmonious, has very soft tannins and a pleasant long finish.

Selfridges Selection - Garnatxa Blanc Rosé

Shop - Selfridges £14.99

Selfridges are partnering with Spain's Altes family to bring us their Selfridges Selection Rosé. The Garnatxa Blanc grapes are grown organically (without any pesticides to harm the soil) in the villages of Batea and Gandesa before being hand-picked for this light and delicate bottle. Enjoy yours chilled by the glass as an aperitif to your next plant-based dinner.

Pretty Gorgeous - Rosé

Shop - The Great Wine Co £7.50

A delightful and dainty rose, ideal during the warmer months Intense lychee and strawberry notes are greeted with hints of violet and good acidity enabling the wine to be sipped as an aperitif or paired with something tasty.

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