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Style Tips To Both Insulate & Remain Cool Weather Dependant

Escape the feeling of looking like a dumpling every time you step outside! When living in uncharted wardrobe waters what do you do? Do you keep your Summer clothes out, or stick with the Winter clothes? For someone whom style is a lifestyle and not just a hobby, here are YK Daily's clever tricks so you can trap in the warmth on the cool days & cool down on the warmer days while maintaining your killer outfit combos.

Ribbed Material

This style might get a bad rap for being a Midwestern-suburb mainstay, but there’s a reason it's so popular. Ribbed material keeps you warm. Trapping pockets of heat in your clothes while lengthening the lines of your limbs. This material choice will keep you feeling skinny and is easy to layer up or down.

Multiple Layers

A layered outfit limits the risk of feeling all bulky and uncomfortable. Stick to more comfortable, breathable and lightweight materials like cotton, linen or viscose.

Begin with the piece closest to your body and take it from there. For instance, do a printed top, add a lightweight blazer and a scarf. That will give you a three piece layered look to work with. Another alternative is to skip the jacket and instead go for a vest as the last piece, which will also show more of the layers in the look.

If you think it may be a little chilly on your day out and fancy a jacket, find ones with built-in lining to pop on top of your thin base layer, or a fine soft fluffy cardigan to cover your bottom.

Anything maxi is often favourable as it gives off a smart and chic look, lots of airflow and space to play with for your top half, plus will keep your legs warm if necessary.


The Royals swear by it and so do we! Ladies, buy silk because it’s perfect for any occasion and any season. That’s right! Silk is one of the warmest fabrics yet feels cool to the skin in the summertime. Start swapping that cotton undershirt for silk, try layering under or over.

Place That Love On Top

Nearly 85 percent of heat loss occurs through the skin via conduction, convection, radiation, and sweat evaporation.

The face, head and chest are more sensitive to changes in temperature than the rest of the body, making it feel as if covering them up does more to prevent heat loss. In fact, covering one part of the body has as much effect as covering any other.

Although our bodies basically lose heat evenly throughout, it can be said that it’s most felt in our torsos. Therefore if you bundle up on top, you’ll be able to go slimmer down below with your favourite over the knee boots for example.


Opting for lighter accessories is key when dressing for ambivalent weather. Swap a knitted scarf for one lightweight in a comfy material. Your hat can easily be changed from wool to a more breathable material.

Heavy necklaces, rings and bracelets can be skipped in favour of embracing lighter ones. Also, your oversized statement belt might have a counterpart in a smaller scale that won’t give you the heavy sweating? Your wardrobe, in context of shoes and clothes, often have a seasonal divide, and the same can be said for your accessories.

The Key Item

The final thing to think about is to choose your "it-piece" carefully. Which piece in your outfit is the most important one and why. That’s the piece you should build the outfit around. It might be a statement scarf or weather appropriate shoe for example. If you know what the statement of the outfit is, you can easily enhance the layering by contrasting the other pieces in colours or prints.

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