When Is Less Really More With Interior Design?

Simplicity and purity are two concepts that include minimalist style, a trend that defends monochromatic and balanced environments. Created for those who consider that elegance is in basic and simple things, this style is perfect to form spaces that breathe peace and tranquility.

'Less is more' is the slogan that defines minimalism, a very fashionable style that is based on preserving space and introducing the least number of elements in the rooms. How can you include it in your home?

To show clear spaces, with few furniture and without recharged articles, is the key to design sober and sophisticated interiors. Minimalist decoration is characterised by the simplicity and elegance of its forms, so it should be simple, be composed of neutral tones and generate harmony between all its parts.

Create Less And Appreciate More In Your Home ...

Make a white-and-black color palette pop by mixing textures throughout the room.

A graphic poster packs a punch in a simply-decorated room. Try www.iamfy.co for value for money prints and interiors.

Never underestimate the styling power of a single patterned throw pillow.

Utilizing towel bars as shoe racks makes for a simple yet chic way to show off your best footwear. When styled with streamlined shelves, it adds the perfect amount of minimalism to your closet.

A blank, clean workspace is brightened up with tiny colourful sketches and/or motivational notes hung on the wall (for a boost of creativity you could utilise clipboards from your schooldays).

Put a spin on the classic minimalist room by opting for a black wall instead of white.

A gray and white color palette works just as well as classic white and black.

A striped rug brings an all-white room to life - check out Nourison for a great range of rugs and soft furnishing - certain ranges are brilliant value for money and great quality, like the Clavin Klein ones, who knew they even make carpets! LuxDeco also sell some of Nourison's range.

Bring a little bit of glamour to a minimally-decorated room by draping fur throw blankets over a chair. If you have a Homesense or T.K.Maxx near to you, or even an equivalent, then they always have fabulous unique interior furnishings sourced from all around the world for all occasions at amazing prices.

Fifty shades of gray also works well when decorating a bedroom. Did you know you can have your favourite colours colour matched at certain paint shops, like Delux for example, this allows you to have those more expensive, but amazing, colours at a much lower price range. Granted, the quality may not be the same, but the colour is the main thing, no?

An old-fashioned lightbulb lends a vintage vibe to any room.

Subtle hints of graphic prints break up an all-white slate.

For a sleek tabletop, decorate with clear glass vases and white candle fixtures.

A simple, streamlined lamp makes for chic bedside table decor.

Incorporate different prints and colors in small pillows and throw blankets for a subtle hint of color.

Keep your closet simple with a black clothing rack—it's easy for organization and acts as decor against a blank wall.

Tiny plants and cacti lend a pop of color to any minimalist room.


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