Invest In Fashion That Will Go The Distance - Transitional Layers For All Year Round

Weather is unpredictable, so it's essential you've got a transitional wardrobe on-hand. Invest in pieces that will go the distance. So, what exactly counts as transitional you say? Clothing that isn't weather-dependant and looks great with bare legs, but also translates with tights and boots. You don't want to be sweating in mohair knitwear or shivering in linen trousers; lightweight, easy-to-layer items are your best bet.

With help from _Gemalouise_– the following versatile pieces will see you through the end of one season well into the next...

Long Skirts

The Blazer & Mac

The Crop

The Hoodie

The Jumper Dress

The Blazer Dress

Cycling Shorts

The Trendy Trouser & Ultimate Skinny

Boots & Trainers