6 Incredible Superfood Chocolate Cakes Made With Something Healthy You Won't Guess!

With around half the regular naughtiness of general chocolate cakes, try these guilt free, but still intensely tasty chocolate cakes make with... Vegetables!

Give at least one of them a go, they can be a hit with all ages, plus you can even play a trick on someone into getting one of their five a day!

Cherry And Chocolate Chickpea Cake


Cherry and chocolate, two outrageously yummy combos, add chickpeas to the mix and you have yourself a healthier chocolate cake packed full of goodness.

Chocolate Avocado Cake


A superfood must have chocolate cake, pretty sure you won't have to convince many people to try it once they get a look, especially as avocado is a common substitute to butter.

Epic Chocolate And Beetroot Cake


Don’t “beat around” the bush with this epic beetroot cake, trick someone into getting one of their five a day, they’ll never guess the secret ingredient. Try swapping out the caster sugar with light soft brown sugar for a healthier option.

Chocolate Zucchini (Courgette) Cake


This one shocked us a little, but my oh my, what a winner! You won't look at zucchini again without dreaming of a decadent chocolate cake.

Sweet Potato Chocolate Cake


It’s here. The tried and tested Bruce chocolate cake of your dreams. A healthy chocolate cake stuffed with superfoods including sweet potato, cocoa and avocado. Made with only 8 main ingredients.

Tofu Chocolate Cake


A chocolate cake can be delicious AND healthy. This cake uses tofu as its secret ingredient, and no one will be able to tell - unless you spill the beans!



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