In-Expensive Christmas Activities For All Ages - Which Should Become Traditions!

For some families, Christmas can feel like more of a marathon than a sprint. Let's get real, there are only so many Christmas movies you can watch on the run up to the big day.

Is there a Grinch in the family? (It's okay—we've all got one.) With our range of activities, it'll be difficult for them not to crack a smile. So go on, engage your family and friends with our favourite inexpensive Christmas activities for all ages to starve off the inevitable, "I'm bored!"

DIY Christmas Decorations

From personalised baubles and stockings, to nature inspired decorations, the world is your oyster when it comes to low cost homemade Christmas decorations.

Re-purpose your wine corks and old socks for more inventive Christmas interior design ideas. Whilst adding cheer to lifeless doors with homemade wreaths or bring out those old ice skating boots to keep up the festive theme.

Make Hanging Stockings A Family Affair

Create a tradition by making an event of hanging the stockings.

Unique Christmas Trees

Keep your tree as unique as you are!

Get Cosy By The Fire

No mess necessary, create the effect of a cosy roaring fire at the click of a button.

Make a Holiday Playlist

Music sets the mood, create your very own festive playlist to get you in the mood.

Christmas PJ Party

Press play on your festive playlist, either chuck on the wood burner or fire effect video above, get cosy in your Christmas pyjamas and spill the goss at your pj party!

Festive Candy Jars

Who doesn't like sweeties, especially when incorporated into interior design.

Healthy Advent Calendars

For the health conscious and DIY lovers out there, a homemade advent calendar is a fabulous item you can create as a gift and decoration this Christmas.

Get Groovy With Gingerbread

Up-cycle Your Toilet & Kitchen Roll Tubes Into Wreaths

Can you believe these gorgeous wreaths are made from toilet paper roll tubes? Well they are, so don't be wasteful, start collecting the tubes and get creative.

Donate Toys To Charity Shops

Giving is a gift in itself.

Christmas Tree Picking

Cut Down On Wrapping Paper, Bags & Glitter

More than half of us re-use last year's wrapping paper, according to rubbish clearance specuali Any Junk. What many of us don't realise though is that many rolls contain non-recyclable elements like foil, glitter or plastic.

If you want to know if your wrapping paper can be recycled or not, use the scrunch test. Scrunch up the paper in your hards and then let it go. If the paper stays scrunched up then it can be recycled but, if it unfolds by its own accord, then it likely contains non-recyclable elements.

Opt instead for recycled wrapping paper (website Re-wrapped has plenty of festive designs to choose from), brown paper or tissue.

Store gift bags rather than recycling, they can usually be reused more than once with a new tag. Try knot wraps – colourful fabric squares that can be re-used again and again. And even look at gift your gift in a gift itself, like a faux fur wine holder for example.

P.S. Don't forget to use biodegradable paper tape, it starts from only £2.20 a roll and every little helps our planet!

Ethical Festive Foods

Use the annual gastronomic extravaganza as an opportunity to show your support for some brilliant ethical small-scale producers. Turkey and any other cuts of meat you plan to serve are a good place to start: you’ll use fewer food miles, less packaging and you can feel confident that you haven’t supported any intensive farming practices.

Farmdrop have a list of producers to browse, look out for recipe suggestions for using up leftovers.

Once you have considered the ethical side of the food, obviously we need to make it look pretty, below are a few suggestions to make your food insta worthy!

Christmas Cocktails

From cocktails to alcohol fuelled cocktails, here is a link to help you decide on your tipple of choice for the festive period! Recipes

Christmas Photoshoot

Get creative with a home photoshoot, set your camera on a timer and make those memories last forever.

Jazz Up Your Photo Frames

Either buy new prints, or design your own and print them out, set in a frame of your choice to suit your festive colour scheme and use them year on year!

Set Up Outside

Keep warm outside by an open fire, be sure to have a Baileys & marshmallow on hand.

Trade Homemade Cookies With Your Neighbours

Be neighbourly, if not all year, at least at Christmas.

Festive Dog Walk

What is cuter than a four legged friend on a walk in a Christmas jumper? Oh yeah, loads of four legged friends on a walk in Christmas jumpers! Get organising, with friends, family & maybe even create an event on Facebook?

Feed The Birdies

Here's a perfect Christmas activity which also yields some pretty practical results too. This birdseed ornament looks good, and it'll help attract goldfinches to your yard.

Find out how to make these here

Christmas Karaoke & Traditional Carol Singing

Here is a link to help you out on your Christmassy singalong - Karaoke songs

Read A Christmas Classic By The Tree

Create Your Own Christmas Cards

Create personalised cards for your loved ones this Christmas! Either repurpose bits from around the house or buy additions from Hobbycraft who have some super cute card making accessories.

Netflix And Chill With A Home Cinema

Order a projector online (prices range dependant on budget), hang a sheet or face onto a white wall & start ticking this list of festive must sees off as you go!

Play With Your Hot Choccie

Upgrade your hot chocolate with this naughty but nice recipe

Play Christmas Tree Eye Spy

A fun way to get your kids involved on a long car ride (or short!) is to have them play "eye spy" for all the Christmas trees they see in the windows of houses. Keep a running tally of white lights versus colored lights and see what number you have at the end.

Send And Receive Letters To Santa

Click here to send a letter to Santa!

Hang Mistletoe... Everywhere

Forget the fact that it looks pretty! We'll take any excuse we can to cover our loved ones in kisses—even if it embarrasses the kids.

Make DIY Gifts For Teachers, Family, Friends Or Someone Unexpected

Whether it's the cashier at your local shop, they're sure to love a delivery of Christmas treats.

Colour Between The Lines

Download and print these PDF colouring sheets by @alohaleiana, hey you are never too old to be creative!

Download PDF • 1.06MB
Download • 1.95MB
Download P • 1.70MB

Merry Christmas You Filthy Animals!