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Super Cute & Practical Home Office Ideas To Inspire Productivity

The world has changed. Long gone are the open-plan offices, and travelling to work. For some, working from home is the new normal, but now you have to deliver and persist through all the distractions working from home can bring.

Working remotely has many benefits, but it takes dedication and smart strategies to pull it off successfully. See our tips and tricks to creating a great working environment at home, which won't take over the work life balance!

Create A Vibe

Creating a space involving your type of business can really help get you in the correct headspace, it can even double up as a super cute interior space too!

Create A Healthy Working Environment

A healthy work environment is essential to your wellbeing. Be sure to have a cup of healthy herbal tea to hand, pretty stationary matching your preferred colour tones, relaxing scents and a vision board at the ready.

Don't forget the boring bits, like supporting furniture, although academic research looks into the potential benefits of standing rather than sitting. Living plants improve air conditions and soothing music are also great additions to increasing productivity.

DIY Fluted Desk

We love this DIY desk hack from Lust Living, see how it's done for under £100!

Hide & Seek

A unique way to keep a messy space hidden is by hanging pretty neutral curtains or voiles.

Fluffy Feeling

Don't get cold feet. A fluffy carpet and warm feet will help to make you feel at home (pardon the pun)!

Nock & Cranny

Make the most of your un-used space. Low or angled ceilings or any little nock or cranny is a possibility, it's amazing what a clever bit of carpentry or furniture can achieve.

Simple Chic

If you have the luxury to convert a whole room, why not add a touch of elegance with some simple wall cladding and a comfy sofa? You can even throw in some extra books, they don't need to have a purpose, but it will look cool!

Make Shift Shelves

This is a compact and neat way to create a simple, yet effective work space, which can also double up as shelving if the purpose ever changes.

Let It Hang

Keep things organised by hanging post it notes or important documents within easy reach or eye sight. There are many ways to achieve this, use pretty rope and clips, pins, mesh or even personalised clip boards.

Always Know The Date

There is nothing worse than not knowing what day of the week it is, let alone forgetting what you have planned for the week, so make sure to have either a diary or wall calendar at hand!

Let The Light Flood In

Enable fresh air and natural light to flood in, keeping your energy levels aligned and your electricity bills down!

Get The Right Height

Don't strain yourself unnecessarily, give your tech some height to avoid or reduce the risk of gaining any un wanted aches or pains from repetitive street injury.

The Chair

Choose your chair wisely, not only will it "have your back", but again, picking the right one for you will avoid RSI and protect against aches and pains.

Things You Love

Surround yourself with cute pictures, quotes and reminders of special moments, this should keep you on track to accomplish any goals or outstanding tasks with passion.

Frame Your Essentials

Another unique way to turn your office into an interior designers dream.

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