Go Nude...Polish For All Skin Tones

Nude nail polish is one of the most versatile colours in the world. In fact, this beauty staple has made its mark and has rightfully secured a place in just about every girl’s "decisions decisions" pallet. The only problem: Sometimes, it can be difficult to find the best nude shade for your skin tone.

While nude nails in the perfect hue can tie together just about any look, choose the wrong shade, and it can make you look washed out. We know how frustrating this process can be, which is why we’re breaking down how to find the best nude colours for all skin tones. Read on to find your perfect nude!

Tom Ford

Mink Brule

If you have more of a medium skin tone (meaning you tend to have both warm and cool undertones), this creamy peach hue is for you. Peach shades skew warm because they're a combination of pink and white tones, and warm polish undertones and medium skin tones complement each other.


Chocolate Moose

Darker skin tones with warm, honey undertones should reach for toffee and coffee-colored polishes that have a hint of yellow or orange, like this one. The only shade you should stay away from? A grayish beige, since it has a tendency to wash out deeper skin.

Tom Ford

Toasted Sugar

Flattering on all skins. The warm terracotta undertone wakes up fair skin tones, while the sand colour highlights medium to darker skins.

Yves Saint Laurent

La Laque Couture - Rose Abstrait

People with fair skin have blue and pink undertones, you'll want to choose a hue that enhances that coolness and looks fresh and bright against your colouring. This pale-pink polish has just enough color in it to give your nail beds a soft flush.


Going My Way Or Norway

This warm chocolate shade is a perfect complement to your new summer shade, as opposed to a milky brown that would stand out against a fairer complexion (no matter how white or brown your skin tone is).


St Tropez

The seductive power of a soft sandy beige nail polish is not to be underestimated. Trend-setting, neutral pastel is the most alluring manicure on the riviera – or anywhere else. This shade is great for a medium skin tone.


Miso Happy With This Colour

Paired with tan skin, the blush tones come out in this colour. Not only is it super cute, but let's appreciate the play on words in the name!


Tickle Me France-y

This mauve may seem like an unusual choice, but for the deepest skin tones this color matches with the undertones of your nail bed, making it a great choice for all year round.


Mimosas For The Mr And Mrs

The closest comparison to Ballet Slippers, this brighter pink-white has a slightly peachy undertone, which pops a warm tan very well (and is a hit with brides-to-be of course!).


Spin The Bottle

This peachy-brown firmly stands on the “warm” side, it may look dark, but your tan will bring out the best in this shade in the best way.


Topless And Barefoot

A cult classic, this shade is the definition of what “warm sand” might look like. Any skin tone can rock this neutral beige look without coming off ashy or old-looking.

The following two shades are favoured shades regularly rocked by Kate Middleton & Meghan Markle! Both of these natural shades are perfect subtle pinks that allow your nails to look naturally polished and clean, without drawing obvious attention to any inevitable chips, and not the tasty type!


Skinny Dip


Ballet Slippers