Food & Wellness Trends 2020

Wondering what 2020's food and wellness trends are? Well, so were we! Here's YK DAILY’S low down.

Low Alcohol Or Alcohol Free Booze

According to a recent study, 66% of millennials are making efforts to reduce their alcohol consumption. This decline in boozy nights out could be chalked up to the rise in Vegan and save the planet lifestyles.

New companies offer alcohol-free tipples that look pretty enough to pour in a glass and still feel fancy. Interested? Try a bottle from Seedlip, Kin Euphorics, or Curious Elixirs. Even Spencer Matthews for tv’s Made In Chelsea has launched a new brand of low-alcohol Gin, called The Clean Liquor Co.

Not to forget the obvious, there are plenty of brands who produce great quality wines and beers also, play the game with your friends and family, see if they even notice the difference!

“Dry soft drinks will be a thing,” says 2011 MasterChef winner, Tim Anderson. “In America, drinks like flavoured seltzers, hop sodas, nitro cold brews and fermented teas have been popular for years, and the UK are starting to see similar products also”, he continues. Low- and no-alcohol cocktails are also on the rise. This has been a big point of discussion over the past couple of years: big flavours and low ABVs, more and more bars adopting the curious and creative approach to non or low alcoholic cocktails that has previously been reserved for their alcoholic siblings.

Intermittent Fasting

It's not exactly new, but it's here to stay. Unlike other trendy diets that remain controversial (cough, keto, cough), not many scientists are squabbling over the idea of limiting your eating hours throughout the day. Research is proving a host of benefits that include an increase in longevity and stress resistance and a decrease in the probability of cancer and obesity. And, hey—Jennifer Aniston's a fan.

CBD In Food And Drink

Last year, CBD burst onto the scene, and by October YouGov reported one in ten Brits had used CBD products. Made from cannabidiol – CBD is a non-psychoactive molecule found in cannabis – that’s extracted from the leaves, resins, and flowers of marijuana plants.

CBD is a non-psychoactive compound found in marijuana plants, which experts believe its popularity is set to soar in 2020 – in everything from cocktails to meals.

“Cannabis is the new kale,” says Rich Woods, co-owner of London’s Scout, a venue that’s number 28 on the World’s Best Bars list . He predicts a bright future for CBD oil-infused drinks, commenting “2020 will continue to see the trend rise, with more high-street bars experimenting with it”.

Food is in on it too, restaurants, cafes and shops that provide food and drinks containing CBD are set to rise, even CBD-infused sparkling water and coffee is due to become the new norm in supermarkets. Consumers are buying into products that bridge the gap between medicine and food, especially as individuals become increasingly conscious of the role food and drink plays in mental wellbeing.

Plant-Based Proteins

Consumers are continuing to seek alternatives to meat. 2019 Saw more plant-based options than ever before, especially when it came to protein sources. While they’re nothing new, people are becoming more conscious about the sourcing of foods and therefore plant-based proteins are set to gain even more momentum this year.

From meat-mimicking products to vegan protein powders and plant based protein drinks, there’ll be a range of new ingredients used to create plant protein options such as mung bean, hempseed, watermelon seed and avocado.

Although it is worth mentioning that some of the meat substitutes are not necessarily “better for you” so bare that in mind when choosing your meat free options.


Ayurveda, or an ancient system from India that focuses on balance between mind, body, and spirit, is nothing new. To the Western world however, as overall trends shift from treatment to prevention strategies, more people are tuning into integrated ways to nourish and heal themselves from the inside out.

For example, "Tongue scraping is the new dry-brushing,". It's an Ayurvedic self-care ritual and oral hygiene practice that you can do daily to remove toxins, bacteria, food debris, and dead cells from the surface of the tongue. When we sleep, our digestive system removes undigested toxins from our body bringing them to the surface of our tongue. That’s why it is so important to scrape away these toxins before doing anything else upon rising. Otherwise, they will get reabsorbed by the body and can lead to digestive issues and a compromised immune system."


Tear up the rule book— The Flexitarian diet (aka flexible vegetarian) is a diet that promotes eating more plants and less meat. Thanks to the rise in plant-based eating and popularity of documentaries such as The Game Changers on Netflix, we will see more people jumping on the plant-based band wagon to reap the health and environmental benefits without foregoing animal products entirely.

Veganism is polarizing. Even vegetarianism can be. That's why you're going to notice an uptick in people who call themselves flexitarians, aka those who follow a largely plant-based diet but also eat meat and animal by-products on occasion. As this number rises, so to will trends that are already popular with the veg-head set, like Meatless Monday and meat-free fast food alternatives.

These flexitarians could have a big impact on restaurant menus, according to Michelin-star chef Paul Welburn, from The Oxford Kitchen. “I think 2020 will see a huge increase in restaurant guests who don’t live a vegan lifestyle requesting vegan dishes because they want to make flexible changes to their diet,” he says. Chris Green adds “by the end of next year I foresee more of us will adopt a flexitarian diet. Meat will no longer be demonised, but rather consumed in more conscious measures.”

Food Sensitivity Testing

This trend has been around for some time now, however is becoming increasingly more popular. People often mistake food sensitivities for allergies and are missing out on some things they can still enjoy, but in moderation. With new technology, you can even take an at-home food sensitivity test to determine what sensitivities you may have.

Fit Pregnancies

Prenatal-specific workouts are becoming more and more popular as women look to fitness to prepare for childbirth and ease the challenges of labor and delivery. More and more women are working out (with their doctor's approval) for most of their pregnancies. This can make postpartum recovery and even delivery much easier. It's all about finding safe workout routines that work best for moms-to-be.

Alternative Flours

Humble they may be, but alternative flours will be popular in 2020, according to cooks and foodies. More and more recipes are looking to adapt the boring plain white flour to alternatives like coconut, chickpea, buckwheat, spelt, wholemeal, almond and cassava flour for example. You can even get vegetable and fruit flours, if you are opting for low-carb and grain-free diets in line with your nutritional goals.

Pro-Biotic Drinks

Gut health has been trending for a few years and there’s been a lot of focus on probiotics (the good-for-you bugs). This year we predict that probiotic drinks will continue to rise in popularity. Drinks like kombucha (fermented tea) and kefir (fermented milk) will continue to increase in popularity due to the health benefits and flavour.


Prebiotics are a type of fibre that promote the growth of probiotics (healthy bacteria). While prebiotics have been in the shadow of the living bacteria themselves, now there’s greater appreciation for these behind-the-scenes players for their role in improving the gut microbiome.

Prebiotics are found naturally in a wide selection of foods such as fruits, vegetables, grains and nuts. However, YK DAILY also expect we’ll be seeing more foods fortified with prebiotics such as drinks and supplements. In a crowded marketplace for probiotics, brands will presumably be looking at prebiotics and the potential for symbiotic combinations as a way to innovate and stand out.

Non-Dairy Milk Alternatives

In YK DAILY'S opinion, milk variations are fab, you have for example coconut, almond, cashew, walnut, oat, sunflower, lactose free and more, albeit, coconut and almond most probably being the crowd favourites. These milk variations allow individuals with dietary requirements to continue to enjoy a solid source of calcium, lattes and a bowl of cereal! Aside from just milks, the popularity of non-dairy yoghurts, cheese and ice cream is expected to rise in 2020!

Veggie Pastas

While we’re all huge fans of traditional pasta, veggie pastas like kale, spinach and courgette for example are becoming a store cupboard essential for many health conscious foodies. You can get it in all shapes and sizes, gnocchi, spaghetti, fusilli.

The Avo

It’s hard to think of another fruit — heck, another solitary ingredient — more universally beloved than avocado. Native to south-central Mexico, the so-called alligator pear has long been used in sauces or as a nutrient-rich snack. Some archeologists believe avocado was prevalent throughout what’s now Peru as long as 15,000 years ago. It become a staple purchase a couple of years ago, and has continued to be loved in 2020, to the extent that cartels are in war to seek control over the fruit!


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