Choose Your First Date Fashion Based On The Meaning Of Colour

The meaning of colour can vary depending on culture and circumstances. Each colour has many aspects to it, it can even effect how others perceive you. You can easily learn the language of colour by understanding a few simple concepts, like red for love and intensity, orange for enthusiasm and optimism, and blue for trust and stability for example.

Throw in a first date and the struggle of choosing the perfect outfit gets real, especially adding the consideration of colour psychology to the mix! Don't just play it safe with all black everything, get creative. Find out below popular first date colours and why...


On a recent study black was the leader for nearly every positive quality, including confidence, intelligence and sexiness, which makes it a top choice for first dates and even weddings!

Black elicits strong emotional reaction, is an influential colour as well as a colour of mystery. The colour black communicates power, goes with anything plus it can hide any imperfections you may feel self conscious about.


If you want to get your date’s full attention and inspire sexy thoughts, wear red, after all it is the colour of passion. The colour can have a physical impact by making pressure, pulse, and respiratory rates increase. It is a stimulating colour often associated with desire, craving, sex, and intensity, which is especially great as women feel super sexy in the colour.

However, arrogance, drama and a lack of intelligence are also associations with the fiery hue, making it a sub-par option for professional settings.


Blue is a favourite among both men and women. Roughly 33% of women and 57% of men said blue was on top of their list of favourite colours. The colour was compared to a feeling of security, high quality, wisdom, loyalty and dependability. Blue also has a tendency to increase mental activity. So if you’re looking for stimulating conversation or activities, blue may help things along. Some shades of blue also have a calming effect, and may help put a date or new friend at ease.

Blue invokes rest and can cause the body to produce chemicals that are calming; however not all blues are sedate. Electric or brilliant blues become dynamic and dramatic, an engaging colour that expresses exhilaration, so choose you shade of blue wisely, Tiffany blue is a favourite with YK Daily.


White has many positive and negative connotations also when it comes to first dates. The positives include peace, innocence, sterility, cleanliness, empowerment and birth. Its negative associations include cowardliness, perversion of justice. White may be paired with black to signify authority and truth.

Our Advice

While it's important to choose your colours carefully, also remember to pay attention to your overall look. Don’t forget basics like having neat hair, clean nails, and clothes that are free from noticeable wrinkles. Your first date is an opportunity to put your best foot forward. Show respect for your companion by taking pride in your appearance and making sure not to forget the details.

Colours you should absolutely never wear when trying to impress are orange, yellow and brown. Because orange is definitely not the new black!

While pink and purple are cute colours, pink can give off sweet yet babyish vibes, so if you would like to wear pink, only make this choice on a casual date. Purple would be acceptable on a more formal date, but could send off bold regal notes, which could be a little overpowering.

Leopard Print

We know it's a favourite with many, so if you would like to show your date that you're independent, confident and ready for a fun fierce evening, pair the print with something neutral.

Date Night Outfits Tips

  • Plan your date-night outfit based on the activity involved and its location.

  • Choose sophisticated and structured styles for formal dates and relaxed silhouettes for more casual occasions.

  • Balance out more masculine pieces, such as a leather jacket or trousers, with feminine elements, such as high heels or a ruffled top.

  • Be sure that you’re comfortable in what you wear and able to walk in your heels or you’ll appear awkward.

  • Express your personality through the details of your clothes, be it ladylike lace or rocker studs.

Now go and slay, play & conquer your date!