Dresses Suitable For All Seasons - Get Your Money's Worth

With the increasingly erratic weather, it can feel like mid summer one minute and winter the next, so it is worth investing in a few dresses that can be worn for any temperature. Having a few pieces that you can wear all year round will help with packing for any trips away, plus help you to dress more consciously because you can buy less (and save money!)

From wrap dresses to maxi and sleeved ensembles, here is a selection of stylish designs that can be worn any day of the year, given a few exceptions...

The Maxi Dress

Perfect to throw a jacket over and pair with slip ons, heels plus ankle or biker boots.

This trick is perfect to turn those little Summer numbers into Winter must haves...

Add A Base Layer To Your Midi Or Maxi Dress.

Stay warm and rock that "on trend" look without having to break the bank or buy a bigger wardrobe!

A Blazer, Wrap, Square Neck And Puff Ball Sleeve Dress

Are likewise all styles that you can rock all year round, just by adding accessories like scarfs, jackets and alternate footwear for cooler nights to freezing days!

The T-Shirt Dress

Long or short sleeve t-shirt dresses are a staple piece for all year round. Dress up, or down, high, or low. Accessories or keep it simple, whatever the weather a t-shirt dress can be appropriate paired with the necessary layers.